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2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge Sign-Up

2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge

After participating in Harry Potter Month, where fanfiction counted for House Points, this year, I’ve wanted a reading challenge for fanfiction. Since I haven’t found an active one for 2017 or 2018, I’m creating one.

Unlike the traditional publishing of books today where the complete book is published at one time, fanfiction mostly relies of serial publishing. Serial publishing in fanfiction creates the more unique problem of what you’re going to do with stories that aren’t finished. To better explain, these are the reasons for my preference for a chapter-by-chapter challenge than a completed-story challenge:

  • Some stories are incomplete or abandoned;
  • Some stories are in-progress and might not be finished by the end of 2018;
  • Some stories are super long (e.g., 150 chapters) or contain a series of books/stories under one title;
  • You might be in the middle of one or several stories right now, so you can start in the middle.

I would also like to give everyone an excuse to stop reading a fanfic that you’re hating.


Since I can’t find any specific stats about how many chapters or stories are read in a given time period, I am basing these levels on what I estimate that I have read in the year and on the results of what was read during Harry Potter Month (you can also find my fanfic results here). I am also trying to keep in mind how much I vaguely remember reading when I was into reading fanfiction daily.

Ragdoll – 20-49 chapters

Sphynx – 50-99 chapters

Cabbit – 100-199 chapters

LaPerm – 200-299 chapters

Tuxedo – 300-399 chapters

Cheshire – 400+ chapters

The Reward

Bragging rights? Prizes aren’t that motivating to me, and I’m not sure what prize would work best for the diverse range of fanfiction readers on the planet. However, I can offer you some pretty graphics for winning this! (Forthcoming.)


  1. Bloggers: You must sign up by announcing it in a post and linking to it in the sign-up linky below. This sign-up can be in its own post or in a post of other challenges. Non-bloggers: You can set your goal in the comments below or on any social media platform (so long as you link-up to that post).
  2. When you sign up, please link back to this blog. You are free to use the challenge button in your posts.
  3. The fanfiction can be from any fandom.
  4. Fanfics that made it into mainstream publishing do not count. Examples: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James or Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige.
  5. If you happen to read a chapter/fanfic twice this year, the second read does not count for this challenge. If you read a chapter/fanfic in a previous year, you may read it once in 2018. Example: If you read this story in 2016, you may read it once in 2018 and have it count for this challenge.
  6. If there happens to be another reading challenge that involves fanfiction, your fanfics can count for both. (Also, I am interested if these challenges exist.)
  7. Since this is a relaxed challenge, you are not required to review the fanfics you read. If you would like to, you can link up the stories you have read (completely or partially) in the quarterly linkies so that others can see what you’re reading.
  8. The Sign-up Linky closes on December 1, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. MST, so you can only sign-up up to this date.

Quarterly Fanfic Link-up Posts

1st Quarter Link-Up

2nd Quarter Link-Up

2nd Half (3rd & 4th Quarter) Link-Up

Use the Linky below to sign up!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


46 thoughts on “2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge Sign-Up

  1. Ha! What fun. 🙂 Kudos to you for creating your own challenge when one couldn’t be found to fit your needs. 🙂 I’m not into fan fiction these days (though I used to write Newsies fanfics, lol!) so I won’t be participating, but good luck!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, fanfics from any fandom count for this, so you could read Newsies fanfiction for this challenge.


  2. I am *there*! XD (I read a ridiculously large amount of fanfiction – espec. when I’m trying to find something for my Friday Fics Fix fic recs!)
    I’ll write my sign-up post soon – is there any particular way fics/chapters read should be recorded?


    1. I will post a link-up for Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 and then subsequent quarterly link-ups as the year goes on. I have a couple of options for what to:

      1. Link up directly to the fic you read (not every chapter).
      2. Link up to some kind of wrap-up with a list of what you read.

      I am working on the details for the format of the names for the link-up. Generally, I want to know title, author(s), and the number of chapters you read.

      It’s relaxed and relies on an honor system. I’m trusting that everyone has read what they claim to have read. Does this help you?


      1. Yeah, totally! I was just like, ‘Do I need to keep track of *what* they are, or just the numbers?’ Lol XD (I’m not especially organised! Lol)


    1. Fan fiction, created by the fans of original works, is mostly stories that borrow the characters and settings from those works. These can be from another character’s POV while following the original story line, completely alter the events, placing fantasy characters in high school without magic, completely changing relationships, or mixing two universes together (e.g. The Hobbit and Twilight). The stories can be anything. They can also range in length from a short poem or short story to the length of a novel. While there are issues about copyright, it’s a fun space to explore characters, ideas and conflicts within a story you love.


  3. Awesome idea! I read tons have fanfics, mostly YJ or batfam ones, but there are so many writers out there it’s impossible to run out of stories. I just recently have joined them, and let me tell you it is not easy to write a decent story.
    I’ll totally be participating. luv the challenge. 😉

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  4. I was also wondering if you had any recommendations on where to find good fanfictions. I already know about Wattpad and, but I assume there are other places to read/publish fanfics….

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    1. Since I use Wattpad and, the only other website I recommend is Archive of Our Own (a.k.a. AO3). It can be a little difficult to navigate, but you can try playing with the filters (they have relationships) and tags. You don’t have to have an account to read them, but it’s worth having one if you want notifications about newly updated fics. You might find some of the FFN authors have stories on AO3 and FFN, but there are some different ones. I have heard that LiveJournal is good and still in use, but I haven’t used it.

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      1. Thanks so much! And I have used LiveJournal for both reading and writing. It’s not the best to navigate through, I prefer, but you can post prompts for other writers. It’s kinda like a big collaborative online writing thing.
        also thxs for the recommendation for AO3.


    2. I write for Archive of Our Own. For some reason, the other sites I went to often had low-quality stories, at least in the fandoms I read/write. Although I was surprised to discover that the fandoms I write/read are not very popular compared to some of the fandoms. The most popular one I’ve written for is Divergent. In one of the fandoms I write for, I’m the only person that’s published in the last year and a half!

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  5. This is an interesting idea, although I just tend to read what sounds interesting to me and don’t read what doesn’t. The fandoms I read are pretty small, so I pretty much read everything that sounds appealing. One of the recent fanfics I read, Online Friends by FourTrisHEA (a Divergent fic on AO3) inspired me to write a fic where the OTP meets online in another fandom. I’m only 38 pages into writing that one though.

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