Review Policy

I happily accept review copies and ARCs from authors and publishers to feature and promote on The Cat on the Bookshelf. This comes with a caveat that there is no guarantee that I will review the novel. The reason for this is that the reading experience will neither be pleasant nor worthwhile.


My acceptance of a review copy or ARC does not guarantee that it will receive a positive review. I am generally good at selecting novels that I will enjoy, but there are exceptions. My reviews are honest, while striving for fairness.

Fifty Page Rule

While I try to read every book sent to me, I find some are not for me. If a story cannot capture my interest within fifty pages, I will be forced to set it down. I may try to read it at another time, but the book just may not be for me.


If I am sent an ARC to review, I will post a review soon after reading it. The ARC will be featured again about one month before its release date, if it still has two or months left until then. If I am sent a review copy, I will try to read and post a review of the book within a couple months of receiving it.

I am a college student, so the timeliness of reviews may be lengthened.


Cat on the Bookshelf is open to all genres; however, it features mostly YA, fantasy, contemporary, and historical fiction. If a title from other genres is offered – and if I am intrigued or if my blog readers may be interested in it – I may accept.

Review Format

A synopsis of the book starts the review. I do not write this description. The description will come from the back cover (or inside cover in the case of a hardback), Goodreads, or Amazon. The synopsis quoted is the one that drew me to the story. A photo of the cover, usually taken from Goodreads, is next to the synopsis.

In the actual review section of the book review, I will summarize, trying not to give away spoilers, the novel. Next is my opinion of the book. I include character development, overall thoughts on the plot, themes, and comments about the format of the book. If there is a romantic element, it is guaranteed to be mentioned. At the end of the review, I list the genre(s) and my rating (out of five stars). My reviews should only take a few minutes to read.

Contact Me

To contact me about reviewing a title at the Cat on the Bookshelf, hosting a contest, current information regarding site traffic, or any other questions, please e-mail me at:


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