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Metztlitototl is plagued by the Gods of Death and Night

A pale boy who had lost his memory was going to be sacrificed to the Aztec God of Death until said god stayed the High Priest’s hand and marked the boy as his servant. Like the High Priest, this boy can see and interact with the gods. It doesn’t help that the interests two of… Continue reading Metztlitototl is plagued by the Gods of Death and Night

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The Entertainer Book Tag

Happy Monday, everyone! To kick off this week, I’m participating in a book tag. Neko Neha from BiblioNyan tagged me in The Entertainer Book Tag. They chat about anime, manga, Japanese literature and self-care. They’ve also started BookTubing again for a little while. So check out their blog for all their awesome content! Here is what… Continue reading The Entertainer Book Tag

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Let’s Play, Ch. 1-45 by Mongié | Webcomic Review

I’ve been trying to find comics on Webtoons to suck me in, but I hadn’t had much success until I watched The Anime Man’s promotion of Let’s Play. I was intrigued by two statements: that it was realistic to life as a YouTuber (ViewTuber in the webcomic) and that two chapters had music to accompany the story. He seems to be right about it being good.

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Books Where Characters Confront Their Fears

We’re in the month of Halloween, and the major theme of the month is scary. Those things that cause fear in people, like clowns, monsters, Slender Man, and Psycho Slasher Chainsaw Guy from Hell. To fit the theme of the month, I’m listing four books where characters confront their fears. Confronting fears can take many… Continue reading Books Where Characters Confront Their Fears

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Make Halloweentown Better by Bringing Kal Back

Every October, I love watching all of my favorite Halloween movies on Freeform and Disney. (In case you live under a rock, Freeform is doing 31 Nights of Halloween this year!) One of my favorite Halloween movies is Halloweentown, and I like the first three movies in its series. I don’t like the fourth movie,… Continue reading Make Halloweentown Better by Bringing Kal Back

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The Cruel Prince by Holly Black | Audiobook Review

Jude Duarte is trying to find a place for herself in the High Court of Faerie, where she grew up after her parents were murdered. She wishes she was like the fey so that she can belong, but she lacks immortality, unlike her oldest sister. She tries different paths so that she can belong, and that often means defying the nobility, especially Prince Cardan. This brings fey cruelty down on her head. As she gets involved in the political….

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Wrapping Up September 2018

Welcome to Autumn, the season of pumpkin spice everything and the gearing up for Halloween! September is coming to an end, and Freeform is advertising its 31 Nights of Halloween. That means it’s time for me to wrap up September. I’m currently reading The Darkest Part of the Forest, by Holly Black, on audiobook and… Continue reading Wrapping Up September 2018

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Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson | Graphic Novel Review

I used to watch Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular and its sequel Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy every October, and then Cartoon Network stopped showing them. While I was in a course on children’s literature two years ago, I found Scary Godmother in the children’s section of one of the academic libraries. I never knew that the TV show was based on a graphic novel, and it was fun to read.

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Mini Webcomic Reviews: ‘Hearts for Sale,’ ‘Between the Raindrops,’ and ‘Näkki’

Thus far my favorite webcomic has been Killing Stalking by Koogi, and it’s also one of the most viewed posts of all time on this blog. I’ve been meaning to really try to read through more webcomics online, but I haven’t found much success in finding another long one that I like and want to… Continue reading Mini Webcomic Reviews: ‘Hearts for Sale,’ ‘Between the Raindrops,’ and ‘Näkki’