2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge: Announcement and Sign-Up

It’s December, and we’re winding down on the 2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge. Join me on the quest to read lots of fanfic for the 2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge! The challenge will be a little different this year. To start, I have a new graphic for the challenge. Here it is. You are free to use… Continue reading 2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge: Announcement and Sign-Up


7 Good Movies That Made Me Read the Book

I’ve said for years that I mostly prefer books over their movie adaptations. I usually prefer the source material to the adaptation because I’m in a habit of looking for fidelity to the source. But there are times when movies make me interested in their original books. A little while ago, I watched one of… Continue reading 7 Good Movies That Made Me Read the Book

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Eartha by Cathy Malkasian | Graphic Novel Review

Eartha, by Cathy Malkasian, is a bulky book about a large woman who lives in a fjord, where dreams from the city come to live. She and her fellow townspeople care for these dreams until they dissolve. But the dreams have mostly stopped coming to the fjord, making the people of the fjord cutoff from knowledge of what is going on in the city. After one particularly scary dream appears to Eartha, she is sent….

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The Last Leaves Falling by Fox Benwell | Book Review

About a year ago, my mom discovered The Last Leaves Falling, by Fox Benwell*, on the Internet and was inspired by an interview with the author that she read to go find this book. She also found an interview, which I think was this one, where she was surprised to find out that there were different plot threads between the U.K. and U.S. editions, so she purchased both editions. She has been encouraging me to read it, so I finally did—the U.K. edition.

This book is about a Japanese boy who has….

Historical Fiction · Review

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice | Book Review

Seven-year-old Jesus and his family depart Alexandria and head to Jerusalem and home. As the young messiah realizes the power he holds, he tries to find the answers to his questions. What is the secret behind his birth? Why does he have these abilities when others do not? In the meantime, his family tries to survive the turbulent society.


Feedback on the Fanfiction Reading Challenge 2018

I started the Fanfiction Reading Challenge this year, and it’s been freeing for my fanfic reading and willingness to talk about fanfics. I think it’s a good challenge to have around, and I’m hoping to host this reading challenge again. But I think it can be improved a lot. Here is what I think needs… Continue reading Feedback on the Fanfiction Reading Challenge 2018

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My Thoughts on ‘Love, Simon’

I really liked Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, by Becky Albertalli, when I read it in 2016. So, I was elated to see the first trailer for the movie. Now that HBO has it, I finally watched Love, Simon a week ago. It’s an okay but bland movie. What I liked: The movie largely sticks… Continue reading My Thoughts on ‘Love, Simon’

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I’m Thankful for Billina Because….

Next week, the U.S. will be observing Thanksgiving. This is why weekly memes, like the I Heart Characters! Meme I’m participating in today, are using a theme of thankfulness. I’m thankful for Billina from Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Ozma of Oz is the third book in the Oz series. Billina is a… Continue reading I’m Thankful for Billina Because….