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Interesting Finds in the Blogosphere of June 2019

Yesterday was the end of June, so it’s time to wrap up June. Instead of reviewing my reading and blogging month, I want to focus on featuring some awesome posts around the book blogosphere.

To start this off, there were a few good posts about blogging. Pamela from Reverie Society teaches you how to develop your blogger brand. These are great tips for the beginner and the more veteran bloggers.

Gayathri from Elgee Writes describes “why book blogging is different from other niches.” It is truly different from other niches, and some blogging advice does not easily apply to this niche. There are also pluses that come with that, as she lists.

Next is Gianna & Gemini‘s reflection on past stats and current stats. I’m experiencing something similar where I’ve seen my stats drop (because of taking a hiatus and posting less often and feeling burnout). I also feel “jealous of my past stats,” to steal the title of the post. I relate to the reflection and appreciate looking at differences between past and present that would cause this.

Jane from Janepedia wrote a post about individuality in blogging. She covers plagiarism, writing about controversial topics, and SEO.

Krysta from Pages Unbound explains why children’s librarians should be appreciated. This is well worth the read.

Then there is Sarah from Written Word Worlds. She wrote “How Queer YA Changed My Life.” She explains when she saw herself in the pages of a book for the first time. She also interviewed the editor of a queer YA anthology featured in the post.

Holly at Nut Free Nerd asked a question that I asked myself several times while pursuing an English degree: “Is It Possible to Read TOO MUCH into a book?” Maybe. As she says, stories are inherently purposeful, whatever the author’s intention.

Finally, I fell in love with Crazy Rich Asians, the movie. But I didn’t understand the mahjong scene that well, so I looked for an explanation on what happened and if there was deeper symbolism. I got my answers to both from Jeff Yang’s “The Symbolism of Crazy Rich Asians’ Pivotal Mahjong Scene, Explained.” This is an informative article that has left me wanting to learn to play the multiplayer game, not just the solitaire version.

These bloggers and writers deserve the love for their posts. What did you find around the Net last month?


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