2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge: Announcement and Sign-Up

It’s December, and we’re winding down on the 2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge. Join me on the quest to read lots of fanfic for the 2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge!

The challenge will be a little different this year. To start, I have a new graphic for the challenge. Here it is.

You are free to use this graphic for the challenge.

Monthly Check-Ins

Besides different graphics, I’m going to work on engaging with all of you as the year goes on. I am going to post a monthly check-in, and you will be welcome to comment your own progress or generally talk about fanfic. (There will not be linkies for these check-ins.) I’m planning on making these check-ins separate from my usual monthly wrap-ups.

Ways to Participate

This year, there are two options for the reading challenge. You are free to challenge yourself to one or both options.

Option 1: Levels

There are some unique challenges to fanfic reading that need to be addressed in coming up with levels. Fanfics mostly published in serials. They and fanfic archives are all very different, and everyone reads different types of fanfics. Some whole fics are very long or short, some are abandoned or incomplete, and you might already be in the middle of a story when this starts.

The reasons above, among others that were brought up this year, are why I am changing the way levels work for this challenge. These are levels to use as benchmarks or goals for yourself.

Here are the levels (from lowest to highest):

  • Casual Fangirl/boy
  • Fangirl/boy Lite
  • Collector Fangirl/boy
  • Overtaken Fangirl/boy
  • Analytic Fangirl/boy
  • Unapologetic Fangirl/boy

This year, you get to select the number and the metric (fanfics, chapters, words, etc.). For example, I might say Casual Fangirl for me means 1 chapter and Unapologetic Fangirl means 50 chapters. You can change the number and chapter to something else, like fanfics.

As a reminder, you set the values for what each level means. 

Option 2: List

While reading a certain amount of fanfic is fun, you can try to diversify your fanfic reading a little bit. 

Like in Option 1, you get to set your goal. Choose however many you want to do or which ones you want to do. 

Here is the list:

  1. Fanfic Source: Read a fanfic from a different archive/source
  2. Read fanfics from more than 1 or 2 fandoms
  3. A fic that is less than 10,000 words
  4. A fic that is more than 50,000 words
  5. A gen fic
  6. Crossover
  7. An abandoned fic
  8. Fairy tale
  9. Slash or Femslash
  10. Fanfic starring your OTP
  11. Canon-compliant fic
  12. Genderbending
  13. Challenge fic
  14. 5+ year old fic
  15. <1 year old fic
  16. Time travel fic
  17. Enemies to Lovers
  18. Script fic
  19. Unusual character relationships
  20. Recursive fanfiction
  21. Smut/Lemon
  22. Next gen fic
  23. Coffee Shop AU
  24. Period fic
  25. Evil!Hero OR Good!Villain

The Reward

You get bragging rights. 

UPDATE: We Have Graphics!

Amber Joy from AJ Preiss made graphics for us to use for the challenge. They’re in this post that’s titled, “We Have Graphics for the 2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge!” One is to show you’re participating, another to show your progress and more for your final results. If you would like to use them, head over there to grab them.


  1. You can do Options 1 or 2 or both.
    • If you choose to do #2 or both, the fanfics may overlap with prompts from this challenge or any other fanfic reading challenge.
  2. Announce your participation. You can do this by announcing it in a blog post, somewhere on social media, in the comments of this post, or any other place that is online.
    • If you announced your participation somewhere other than in the comments of this post, I prefer that you leave your link in the Linky below. 
    • When you sign up, please link back to this blog. 
  3. Fanfics can be from any fandom.
  4. Fanfics that made it into mainstream publishing do not count. Examples: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James and Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige.
  5. Since this is a relaxed challenge, you are not required to review the fanfics you read. I trust you to track your progress in whatever way makes sense to you.

Use the Linky Below to Sign-Up

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Good luck in 2019! Keep reading, and keep reading fanfic.

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