A New Fandom? | Fanfiction Reading Challenge Check-in

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, The Folk of the Air fanfic master list, and a fairy

Welcome to the first official check-in for the Fanfiction Reading Challenge! I’m not quite sure how I want to format these posts for the long-term, but for now, I will talk about my current interests and progress and then invite you to share how you’re doing. Let me know what you think would make these check-ins better.

One of my goals in creating the checklist option for the Fanfiction Reading Challenge was to challenge myself and others to read outside of our comfort zones. I decided to break into a fandom that I’ve never read fics from before, and that’s The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black. This is the series that contains The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King. Both of which focus on the aspirations and survival of a human girl who was raised with the gentry of Faerie.

I’m not entirely sure how I found this fandom, but it did occur to me that it was the only fantasy world from 2018 that I’m still interested in exploring outside of Canon. However, I find it difficult to break from the more Canon-aligned stories when I start reading fics from a new fandom because I’m trying to figure out what I like and what more I’m willing to suspend disbelief on.

Today, I’m going to share the fanfics from The Folk of the Air series that I’ve read this year. Most of the fanfics I’ve found are short because the handful of writers who want to grow the fanfic collection are trying to write more and more stories. (Thank you, by the way, you awesome fanfic authors.)

Mind you, I haven’t read The Wicked King yet, so I’ve been trying to stick to fanfiction that sticks to what’s known in The Cruel Prince. That’s a little difficult because more fanfiction has been inspired for the series because of the sequel.

Breather by howtotameyourillyrian

Unlike the oneshots that are coming up after this story, this fanfic is four chapters long. Breather has Cardan take Jude on horseback to a picnic so that they can both get a break from the Court. There’s also sex. I’m just kind of torn whether I believe this type of romance between them or not because it strikes me as similar to Canon but not quite there. For a longer fic, it’s pretty good.

Settled In by paulatheprokaryote

I love this one for in some way showing Vivi and her girlfriend raising Oak. They just moved in to a new apartment, I think, and Oak gets to choose his bedroom. It’s mostly a gen fic.

Shards by Amalspach

In this oneshot, Cardan analyzes his own thoughts about Jude: hating her, not hating her, etc. This story was written in November, so I’m counting it as a fic that is less than one year old for Option 2 of the Fanfiction Reading Challenge.

Sleeping Beauty by sarahjtrash

This presumably happens after The Cruel Prince and, maybe, before The Wicked King. It’s a short story where Cardan let Jude sleep in his room one night and he’s surprised at himself for possibly caring about her as he watches her sleep. I also counted this story for taking me to a fanfic archive that I haven’t read from before: Tumblr. I never got into Tumblr fanfics before, so this was a nice introduction to them.

You Could Be My Enemy by CynicismFollows

Since this is from Cardan’s perspective during a specific scene in The Cruel Prince, it’s a Canon-compliant fic. I don’t know if it fits what I’ve set up in my mind to be Cardan’s character, but it tries. It’s an interesting take on a cruel scene.


Focusing only on Option 2 for today, the last three stories put me at 1/6 of the way toward my goal.

As a reminder, you are also free to use the progress photos, like this one, to show your progress in the reading challenge. They can be found on the main Fanfiction Reading Challenge announcement page.

Which fandoms are you reading fics from? Have you tried a new fandom lately? How are you doing on the Fanfiction Reading Challenge?

4 thoughts on “A New Fandom? | Fanfiction Reading Challenge Check-in

    1. I think I wasn’t that clear. I discovered fanfiction for The Cruel Prince last month and waited to read it in January so that I could count it for this challenge. There are a lot of cringey fanfics in general, but I haven’t gotten enough into The Cruel Prince universe to have seen much of it in that fandom yet.


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