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1st Quarter (January – March) Fanfiction Reading Challenge Link-Up

2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge

Welcome to the First Quarter Link-up for the 2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge, hosted by Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf. Welcome, challenge participants and fanfic lovers! I hope you find lots of fanfics to read as the year goes on.

Remember the challenge starts and ends for you in whatever time zone you’re in. If you have found this page after the challenge has started, you are still welcome to join and participate. Head over to the challenge sign-up page to learn more.

If you would like to link to the fanfics you have read, please do so below. You can link to a wrap-up post, the fanfic itself, or any other public place you are updating. If you are linking directly to the fanfic, please say how many chapters you have read.

If you do not have a blog (or any other public space online) and would like to update us on your progress, please leave a comment below.

Have fun and visit each other’s blogs and the stories they have read!

Note: This linky will close on April 7th to give you a chance to log what you read in the first quarter.

1st Quarter (January – March) Link-Up

I have found that Mister Linky doesn’t like receiving the same link. If you encounter this type of error with the linky, you can leave a comment instead.

Go and read all the fanfics to your heart’s content!

9 thoughts on “1st Quarter (January – March) Fanfiction Reading Challenge Link-Up

  1. CAN’T BELIEVE you have created this challenge. This is AWESOME! but honestly I need no encouragement to spend more time reading fanfic because I know all that would happen is I get cross at myself for not reading books! What are your favorite ships to read?

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    1. Most of them are in Harry Potter. Drarry and Tomarry are favorites. I’ve also come to like Harry/Daphne, Harry/one of the Weasley Twins, and Harry/A Slytherin boy. I alternate between Haruhi/Hikaru and Haruhi/Kyoya in Ouran High School Host Club. I tend to be for canon ships in other fandoms. What are your favorite ships to read?

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  2. Oh my hecking heck I didn’t even realise Tomarry was a ship aaaaaaahh! Okay I really love Wolfstar, Lunarry, Spirk, I used to read A BUTT TON of Destiel, I will read lots of X Men (mainly Cherik) and I also used to read lots of Sterek 🙂

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  3. I don’t want to set myself a goal because I think if I pressure myself I will get stressed about it, but I have to say…it’s really nice to get some affirmation from a challenge that reading fanfic is good and valuable and not necessarily somehow “lesser” than reading actual books!

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