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Wrapping Up May 2019

Because it’s the last week of May and because I’m on a once-a-week posting schedule at the moment, it’s time to wrap up the month. It’s been a good reading month and an overall good Bookstagram month. So, let’s review.

In the way of reading, I finished two novels, a poetry collection, and three graphic novels, and an anthology. I liked Geekerella by Ashley Poston and Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi, which are both contemporary romance stories, but I would say the latter is more New Adult than Young Adult. I read Lotus Flowers by Kasidy Bidelspacher. My graphic-novel reading has been fairy-tale themed with the first two volumes of The Girl from the Other Side, by Nagabe, and Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer. The anthology is Parkland Speaks: Survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas Share Their Stories, edited by Sarah Lerner, which is a powerful collection of essays and poems. On a side note, I liked this two-page spread at the beginning of the book.

2-page spread of painted stones in Parkland Speaks, edited by Sarah Lerner

Besides reviewing Geekerella, I reviewed the last half of the first season of the Let’s Play webcomic and wrote “A Guide to Instagram Hashtags for Book Bloggers.” The guide is a companion to my guide to Twitter hashtags.

I’m not as on the ball with Twitter lately, but I am trying to post regularly on Instagram. This month, I’ve managed to post three times a week. The photo I’m most proud of this month is this one:

Now that I’ve talked a little bit about what I posted on the blog and Instagram, I am announcing a posting schedule change.

Posting Schedule Change

For June, I want to try posting a little more frequently again. I spent the last couple of weeks scheduling a few posts, so I’m hopeful that I can return to something more frequent. For now, I want to post something on this blog every Monday and every first and third Thursday.

Now that that’s cleared up, let’s move on to interesting posts I’ve found this month.

Interesting Finds

Because I’ve experienced burnout from blogging over the last couple of months, I was happy to find a post with statistics about balancing book blogging and life at The Quiet Pond. It shows the confirmation of how many hours bloggers put in to blogging and what they juggle it with. It’s well worth the read.

Holly at Nut Free Nerd posted about the books that influenced her a college senior. I liked reading about how books can influence you at different points in your life.

Dani at Perspective of a Writer shared the difference between graphic novels, manga, webtoons and light novels. This an informative post for you if you have any confusion about telling them apart.

Then Kat at Novels & Waffles posted an interview with book cover illustrator Jess Cruickshank. As someone who participated in a meme that compared book covers, I liked learning some of Cruickshank’s experiences and design processes in this interview.

I’ve also come to appreciate audiobooks over the last couple of years. Merphy Napier posted a Q&A on narrating audiobooks on her BookTube channel. She gives details about how much work goes into one recorded hour and how some characters are voiced.


Do you have suggestions for me on how to better wrap up a month or some other topic I should write about?

Have a lovely week, and I will see you all on Monday!


5 thoughts on “Wrapping Up May 2019

  1. Glad to hear that you had a good reading and blogging month! Thanks so much for mentioning my post ❤ I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed your post about hashtags for book bloggers–definitely helpful! Hope you have a lovely June!

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  2. I’m also moving to posting more. I’ve added a feature of an alternative author interview, which I want to run on Tuesdays and leave my book reviews and literary musings for Fridays/Saturdays.


  3. YAY! I was excited to see you picked up The Girl From the Other Side. And Emergency Contact which I enjoyed. ❤️ And thanks for sharing my post. I love that you’re going to try to post a little more often. I’ve missed you though I totally understand not posting as much. 😉 I love your Fangirl pic and the use of HP!!

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