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Let’s Play, Ch. 46-75 by Mongié | Webcomic Review

Let's Play by Mongie, Ch 46, Link lifting Sam's head

Publisher: LINE Webtoon

Pub. Date: 1 Oct. 2018 – 29 Apr. 2019

Genres: Romance, Contemporary Realistic Fiction, New Adult, Webcomic

Status: Incomplete

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Season 1 has finally come to an end for Mongié’s Let’s Play, and I want to review it. Last year, I reviewed the first 45 episodes/chapters, and those were great. The last half of this season is also great, but I don’t think it’s as good as the first. As I go through this review, forgive me not remembering exact details since I’ve been following it weekly since October.

Sam Young created an indie video game that was destroyed by her video-game-playing idol, and it became the lowest-ranked game on the publishing website. Her idol, Marshall Law, moved in next door to her, and she has had to deal with the person who ruined her online reputation. I believe we left off with them having a budding romance and him agreeing to try playing Ruminate again. I like both of these characters, and I like seeing them learn from their mistakes. I’m just not sure that a lot of depth has been shown for them because this last chunk of episodes has shown them flatter while other characters get developed.

I think we saw moments for all three romantic interests to get the spotlight. I’m glad that one is fading, but I’m more upset about Mongié making Charles, Sam’s supervisor, more like-able in the last several episodes because I still haven’t liked his earlier behavior. Marshall’s has also faded to the background recently, but I like that Sam is building a more authentic relationship with him.

I wanted to see more of some of the other characters, like the people in her RPG group. They seemed pretty interesting, and I wanted to see more of them. Instead, we saw more of Sam’s friends and family, though her male relatives could try to be different from each other in personality.

One of my gripes with these episodes and the whole season is that Sam’s video game is supposed to be a puzzle game. While I am not by any means an expert on video games, nothing about her game strikes me as a puzzle. The Wikipedia page for “Puzzle Video Game” defines puzzle video games as,

Although many action games and adventure games involve puzzles such as obtaining inaccessible objects, a true puzzle game focuses on puzzle solving as the primary gameplay activity.[1] Games usually involve shapes, colors, or symbols, and the player must directly or indirectly manipulate them into a specific pattern.[2]

It’s definitely a narrative with choices that have consequences, but it doesn’t require puzzle solving as a primary focus. Her game follows a story line and choices have consequences and some objects have surprise features, but these do not fit the definition of puzzle to me. But I think her game could be fun if it existed in real life, if Marshall’s experiences with it are a true representation.

As Marshall played the game, he had a lot of fun with it, so I would be entertained by his gameplay if his channel were real. I like the detail in the artwork, as you can see in the background below. I liked that this managed to convey a mock-serious tone to Marshall’s gameplay, like he does with “Cute Kitters” below. As I’m writing this review, I also just noticed Easter eggs in this panel from the webcomic: the Infinity Gauntlet, a Pokéball, and the Super Mario question mark box. I think it inserts more of the author’s personality and interests into the story.

Ep. 63 of Let's Play. Marshall is trying not to get conned by an in-game sales-cat that sells him a letter opener.
Ep. 63 of Let’s Play. Marshall is trying not to get conned by an in-game sales-cat that sells him a letter opener.

As you can see, the art is detailed and skilled. I like the detail on characters and objects, and I like seeing the lines that make characters look like they’re moving in some way. Mongié sometimes includes tiny bits of animation in her episodes, so I liked seeing those touches to the story too. There has been music, but I’m not sure what to make of its significance to the story.

The entire first season of Let’s Play is worth reading, but I want to see more happen and get more steady action with some of the characters. If you like romance and video games, you might like this webcomic.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Play, Ch. 46-75 by Mongié | Webcomic Review

  1. Odd about the puzzle game that isn’t a puzzle game. This sounds like a neat webtoon and I wonder if I would agree about the way the characters/relationships are developing. I do love the look of the art!! And the idea of a game within a webtoon. I will have to see if webtoon has it!

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