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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror is a retelling of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” It’s also a comedy. This movie entered theaters in March 2012.

Most of us know the story, so I will keep this summary pretty short. The Queen is Snow White’s stepmother. The Queen takes over the kingdom after the king (Snow White’s father) disappears. She (The Queen) ruins the once lovely kingdom. She asks her mirror, “Who is the fairest of them all?” The Mirror, who holds her reflection, answers that Snow White is the fairest of all. The Queen’s royal advisor tells her that she is out of money from her lavish parties, but she needs it so she can try to woo the foreign prince (for more money to spend). Snow White learns the plight of her people and tries to get help from the foreign prince. The Queen finds out and banishes her to the forest to be eaten by the beast.

In the forest, she makes it to a little cabin in the woods and falls asleep. Snow White meets the dwarves, who decide to allow her to stay. They teach her how to fight and how to steal (she made them promise to steal for the benefit of others, e.g. steal food from the rich to feed the hungry poor). The dwarves also give her a make-over. She fights to get her prince and breaks the spell he is under. Then she defeats the Queen in a weird twist (watch the movie to find out). In a last-ditch effort to kill Snow White, the Queen tries to trick her into eating a poisoned apple. Snow White doesn’t eat the apple, but makes the Queen (who’s not a queen at this point) eat it instead. At last, we have our happily ever after.

 Gold is everywhere. It has to do with the Queen’s expensive tastes. The clothing is gold. The furniture has at least one thing gold. Even her nails are painted gold.

There are some moral values that some people could learn from this movie. Snow White almost always tells the truth. The dwarves have been stealing from the wealthy. Then, Snow White comes along and will only let them steal if the stolen goods can go back to the people. One can learn that beauty fades, so you don’t want that to be the only thing going for you. If you are a ruler of a group of people, you should be wise and make decisions that are for the benefit of the people. Men and women are equal, which is represented in the male and female rulers and Snow White is taught to fight with a sword. One more little note: Snow White doesn’t have her first kiss until she is eighteen.

We can recognize the characters from some of our favorite movies and television shows. Julia Roberts plays the Queen. Lily Collins plays Snow White. Armie Hammer plays Prince Alcott. Ronald Lee Clark, from “Pit Boss,” plays Chuckles. Sebastian Saraceno, from “Pit Boss,” plays Wolf.

It is a great movie. I love watching it. When it was in theaters, I went to see it twice. It’s a nice refresher from Disney’sSnow White and the Seven Dwarves. If you want more humor and a somewhat more modern fairy tale heroine, this is the movie you want to watch.

Genres: Fairy Tale, Comedy

Stars (out of 5): *****

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