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A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi | Book Review

A Very Large Expanse of Sea, by Tahereh Mafi, takes us back to 2002, a year after 9/11. The turbulent times make life harder for Shirin, the new sixteen-year-old Muslim girl at school where she is regularly stereotyped. She’s built an armor around herself in the turbulence and from having to deal with her parents’ constantly moving to new places. She’s aloof to the world and keeps to herself. Then she meets a boy, named Ocean, who wants to get to know her. The….


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I Want a Novella for Sausun, the Niqabi Ninja

In S.K. Ali’s Saints and Misfits, Sausun is the niqabi woman or teen (I’m not sure her age) who believes Janna and gives her the confidence to face her monster, Farooq. She’s there in the book, but she suddenly reaches prominence toward the end when she rescues and helps Janna. Sausun is more than a… Continue reading I Want a Novella for Sausun, the Niqabi Ninja

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Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali | Book Review

Janna Yusuf is a high school sophomore and hijabi who is dealing with a crush and a monster. Beyond this, the three main types of people in her life are saints, misfits and monsters. I was more sold by the first scene of the book than the synopsis. In this scene, she wears a burkini to the beach despite her father’s criticisms, and shortly after we learn about the monster. S.K. Ali’s Saints and Misfits visits the crushes, friendships and struggles of a Muslim girl.