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Reviewing Recommended YA Short Stories in Literary Magazines

As a reader and reviewer of young adult books, I’ve mostly focused on novels, but there are also young adult stories. They haven’t typically been my forte, but I’ve learned to appreciate short stories from a creative writing class and from being an undergraduate reader for Blue Mesa Review. This has gotten me thinking about… Continue reading Reviewing Recommended YA Short Stories in Literary Magazines

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Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

Difficult Women, by Roxane Gay, is an anthology of the fictional lives of women: difficult women, loose women, crazy women, frigid women, married women, and dead women. There are some flash fiction, contemporary realistic fiction, fantasy and other types of short stories. This collection expands the labels given to “difficult” women, and they show each woman in the story as a real person, how she got this way, and why she is the person she is.