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Ilvermorny House Book Tag [Original]

Ever since it became available on Pottermore, a lot of Harry Potter fans have been sorted into their Ilvermorny houses. I have yet to see an Ilvermorny book tag, but that might be due to its┬áblatant cultural appropriation. I am not here to talk about that today, but feel free to look into the discussion… Continue reading Ilvermorny House Book Tag [Original]

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Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them | Movie Review

Last night, I finally got to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the movie, at my university. Bonus: my birthday was this week, so it counts as a birthday present to myself. A month ago, I read the script, which left me a little rankled. Some of this review will compare what I remember of the script to the movie. After watching this movie, I am glad that I read the script first.


‘No-Maj’: An Annoying Term from American Wizards

Ever since J.K. Rowling announced the existence of Ilvermorny and American Wizarding culture, I have been annoyed by the term “No-Maj,” a.k.a. Muggle. This one word takes away some of the magic of the Harry Potter universe for me. Since it is apparently an American wizarding term, I, as an American, get to complain about… Continue reading ‘No-Maj’: An Annoying Term from American Wizards