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Not Simple by Natsume Ono | Graphic Novel Review

Not Simple, by Natsume Ono, reminds me of an experimental independent film that was sad but leaves me feeling unsure about what I just watched. Told in mostly reverse order, the manga tells the life of Ian and the mystery behind it. A writer named Jim has been learning about him and keeping track of him since before he achieved his goal.

Contemporary Realistic Fiction · Review · Young Adult

The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen

Riley Shasteen’s The Last Girl, a contemporary YA novel, is the first book in the Slave Auction trilogy. Synopsis from Goodreads: “The Slave Auction.” “What the heck is the Slave Auction?” I ask. Jenna Brown has just started her freshman year with her two best friends, Jessica and Daisy. They hear a rumor about the… Continue reading The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen