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The Last Leaves Falling by Fox Benwell | Book Review

About a year ago, my mom discovered The Last Leaves Falling, by Fox Benwell*, on the Internet and was inspired by an interview with the author that she read to go find this book. She also found an interview, which I think was this one, where she was surprised to find out that there were different plot threads between the U.K. and U.S. editions, so she purchased both editions. She has been encouraging me to read it, so I finally did—the U.K. edition.

This book is about a Japanese boy who has….

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The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black | Audiobook Review

After learning that The Darkest Part of the Forest, by Holly Black, is in the same world as The Cruel Prince, I was willing to read it. It starts with an interesting setting, the town of Fairfold, where humans and the Folk have lived side by side for years. One of the attractions….

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Piper by Jay Asher & Jessica Freeburg | Graphic Novel Review

Authors Jay Asher and Jessica Freeburg collaborated with illustrator Jeff Stokely to rewrite “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” with a romance between the Piper and a deaf girl and with an answer to how he performed his magic. Admittedly, I was more interested in Jay Asher, who authored Thirteen Reasons Why, contributing to the story line than I was in a retelling of “The Pied Piper of Hamelin.” I didn’t have high hopes for Piper, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I should have went with my gut.

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9 Reasons Why You Need to Read ‘Speak’ Right Now

I read Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak this month in reaction to the Kavanaugh Hearings. Speak follows a teen girl’s first year of high school, after the summer she was raped by an older student. She deals with being an outcast, watching her high school have shifting identities, completing the crazy assignments of her teachers, and… Continue reading 9 Reasons Why You Need to Read ‘Speak’ Right Now

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Books Where Characters Confront Their Fears

We’re in the month of Halloween, and the major theme of the month is scary. Those things that cause fear in people, like clowns, monsters, Slender Man, and Psycho Slasher Chainsaw Guy from Hell. To fit the theme of the month, I’m listing four books where characters confront their fears. Confronting fears can take many… Continue reading Books Where Characters Confront Their Fears

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The Cruel Prince by Holly Black | Audiobook Review

Jude Duarte is trying to find a place for herself in the High Court of Faerie, where she grew up after her parents were murdered. She wishes she was like the fey so that she can belong, but she lacks immortality, unlike her oldest sister. She tries different paths so that she can belong, and that often means defying the nobility, especially Prince Cardan. This brings fey cruelty down on her head. As she gets involved in the political….

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Not Simple by Natsume Ono | Graphic Novel Review

Not Simple, by Natsume Ono, reminds me of an experimental independent film that was sad but leaves me feeling unsure about what I just watched. Told in mostly reverse order, the manga tells the life of Ian and the mystery behind it. A writer named Jim has been learning about him and keeping track of him since before he achieved his goal.

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Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake | Book Review

Mara is a music student who is close to her brother, madly in love with her ex, and writes for an empowering magazine that she founded. While she has been dealing with the aftermath of asking Charlie to be best friends instead of together, her twin brother, Owen, raped one of her best friends, Hannah, at a party. Now she has to figure out how….

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Where Are the YA Characters Who Wear Glasses?

When was the last time you found a character in a young adult book who needed glasses? Were they ever one of the teen main characters? I was inspired to write this post by American Panda by Gloria Chao because Mei, the protagonist, admits to being nearsighted. Mei narrates, “Because of my nearsightedness and my mother’s… Continue reading Where Are the YA Characters Who Wear Glasses?