What Makes a Book-to-Movie Adaptation Unsuccessful?

In a creative writing class about three months ago, we briefly talked about what makes an adaptation good or bad. I had to put into words what I hate about bad adaptations. Where do they generally go wrong? Just as there is no one formula for a great movie, there is no one formula for… Continue reading What Makes a Book-to-Movie Adaptation Unsuccessful?


I Don’t Like Following a Book Series As It Is Published

My reading tastes and habits have changed a lot since I was twelve. That in itself is not a surprise, but my reading of standalones and series has changed. I’ve changed in two respects to that: I prefer standalones over series now, and when I read a series, I prefer the entire series to be… Continue reading I Don’t Like Following a Book Series As It Is Published


‘No-Maj’: An Annoying Term from American Wizards

Ever since J.K. Rowling announced the existence of Ilvermorny and American Wizarding culture, I have been annoyed by the term “No-Maj,” a.k.a. Muggle. This one word takes away some of the magic of the Harry Potter universe for me. Since it is apparently an American wizarding term, I, as an American, get to complain about… Continue reading ‘No-Maj’: An Annoying Term from American Wizards

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When Ebooks Became Pricier Than Paperbacks

Once upon a time, you could count on ebooks being cheaper than their print counterparts, if only by a few dollars. This was always reassuring. Over the last few months, I have noticed that Kindle ebooks are more expensive than paperbacks now. I have never been a fan of paying more than five dollars for… Continue reading When Ebooks Became Pricier Than Paperbacks


Bookstore Genre vs College Genre

Everything you ever learned about genre is wrong. Since I took my first college-level English class, I encountered a genre that does not mean fantasy, science fiction, or biography. The genres I know from elementary school, libraries and blogging are fantasy, historical fiction, realistic fiction, etc. “Bookstore genre” is what I call that type. In… Continue reading Bookstore Genre vs College Genre


Changes to the Blog

It’s time for winter-cleaning, and by that I mean updating my blog. In case you haven’t been to Cat on the Bookshelf lately, I have updated the theme from Kelly to Button to better fit my personality. I like this direction for my blog, and I’ve been pretty sick of using the same theme. Frankly, I think it’s a more engaging theme.

I have also updated my About page, so please check it out.

Organizing My Posts

I’m planning to reorganize all of my blog posts under different categories because the current categories aren’t working for me. I want to categorize the reviews by genre instead of age level (Young Adult and Children’s). The genres I will categorize are

  • Contemporary Realistic Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Poetry.

I am aware that nonfiction can be broken into informational and biographical books, but I do not read or review enough of either to bother separating them right now. The categories are subject to change or be added to.

The categories I will not change are classics, author, movie/television, quotes, and images. I might leave Young Adult on there, but most of my reviews are for young adult books. I will leave the Graphic Novel category alone for the time being since I still have only reviewed a handful, and I think it is important to distinguish this format from your typical novel.

There are categories I will consolidate. For memes, book tags, and weekly things I once did, I want to throw it all under book tags or some other collective name. Book vs. Film is going back under Movie/Television, and the name might shorten anyway. I might go as far as to change it to “Adaptations.”

This won’t happen immediately, but I would I like to make these changes for the next few weeks before the new year. I will post a notification when it is all complete.

Thought for the Future

I’m debating about creating a second blog for picture books since taking a children’s literature course this semester. One of the larger issues I have with starting another book blog is that I have posted some children’s books on here, mostly of the middle grade and classic variety. Any input would be helpful. Should I create a second blog for picture books and lower-level chapter books, or should I stick to this blog and keep working on it?

The signs are everywhere, and I googled “kitten on the bookshelf” (the blog title I was thinking of going with). I found this YouTube video of a kitten asleep on the bookshelf:

It has the right components of the name I was thinking of, to continue in the tradition of Cat on the Bookshelf. It has my cat’s name, and it’s pretty dang cute. I don’t know whether or not I will go through with starting a children’s book blog. Any thoughts, suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated in the comment section.

Book review coming next week: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

To anyone who is or will be taking finals in the next week or so: Best of Luck!


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When Beloved Round Characters Become Flat

  While trying to catch up on the September discussions for the Book Blog Discussion Challenge, I saw another common complaint I hear about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: the Golden Trio has become flat. I have heard and read this all through August, and then I decided I would stop reading these reviews until… Continue reading When Beloved Round Characters Become Flat


Should Price Be Included in Book Reviews?

Since becoming more active on my blog again, I decided to include identifying details of each book in my book reviews. I like to include publisher, publication date, number of pages, etc. While I was trying to decide what information to include in my book reviews, I saw disagreement about including price. I have not… Continue reading Should Price Be Included in Book Reviews?