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Siren’s Lament, Season 1 by instantmiso | Webcomic Review

Siren's Lament, Season 1 cover

Music: KennyComics

Series: Siren’s Lament, Episodes 0 – 84 and Siren Shorts Part VIII


Pub. Date: 4 March 2016 – 22 December 2017

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Comedy, New Adult

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

I had heard about Siren’s Lament from another blog because I was looking for webtoons to read, and it’s good. Lyra is a wallflower in love with her best friend, but he is dating someone else and might not like her that way. One night in a moment of self-pity, Lyra crosses the path of a siren and finds herself entangled in a curse. Siren’s Lament, Season 1, by instantmiso is a romcom that focuses on a love triangle and tries to draw Lyra out of her shell.

Lyra is an introverted manager of a flower shop, and she’s in love with her childhood best friend, to the point of heartbreak. This leads to an encounter with a Siren, whose sole purpose is to find heartbroken humans and trade places with them for a second chance at love. She’s a kind and sad person for a good chunk of the comic, but she tries to do what she can to remain human, short of actively healing her broken heart. There are some relationships in Lyra’s life that are first presented in a misleading way, so I would have appreciated less random surprises that feel pulled out of nowhere.

Ian and Shon are the other two main characters. I love Ian’s snarkiness. I didn’t really expect him to be so cocky, but he is a good contrast for Lyra’s wallflower behavior. He also starts changing from being around Lyra. Shon is as deluded about who loves who as Lyra is, but he also feels a certain responsibility toward his siblings and Lyra. He’s a good guy, and I like how he develops his own banter with Ian. There are other characters who mix things up and have their own worries, so it was great to watch them become round characters.

The primary conflict is the halfway done siren curse, and I liked the struggle to find answers and then the race against the clock. It could have been spaced a little better, but it was done pretty well with having to work around a romance.

The romance between the main three characters reached a point of predictability, but the rest of the story and other relationships were still surprising. I also like that it ended at an appropriate place to surprise you, to force an event we were waiting to happen, and to make you want more.

Instantmiso is a skilled artist, and the quality of their artwork is beautiful. I love the beautiful scenes in the ocean. I like how the broken hearts play a role in the world building, and it encourages us to pay attention to what is happening and what could be driving others’ motives. The characters’ facial expressions are also very good for showing more strongly what the characters are feeling or hiding.

Most of the episodes have accompanying music, and the music sets the mood very well. It was overall light and not overbearing while reading. It’s been a different experience to read webcomics (or any story) with music, and it adds another dimension.

The first season of Siren’s Lament is a beautiful story about sirens and broken hearts. It’s also shows how others care for each other.


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