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Freaking Romance, Season 1 by Snailords | Webcomic Review

Freaking Romance by Snailords on a tablet

Series: Freaking Romance, Episodes 1 – 21


Pub. Date: 20 October 2018 – 16 March 2019

Genres: Romance, Speculative Fiction, Humor, Webcomic

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

A cat-ear wearing girl named Zylith moves into a haunted apartment to escape her parents’ demanding that she be a doctor instead of an artist and they kicked her out for refusing. She soon finds out that the place is haunted by a handsome green-eyed KPOP star. Trying to figure out how he’s there and what happened to the previous tenant, she fangirls her way through the mystery and starts to fall for him. Freaking Romance, by Snailords, is a funny addition to the teen romance genre.

I love the three main characters: Zylith, Verose, and Zelan. Zylith is a silly fangirl. Verose is a cool person, who has short hair and a rose tattoo, and brings some common sense with some sass to Zylith’s wild ideas. Zelan is a pop star and a cinnamon roll, as Zylith describes him. Romance-wise, I love how Zylith and Zelan were trying to figure each other out and overall fall for each other. I also liked Zylith and Verose’s friendship because their banter was just fun, considering the type of haunting in the apartment and Zylith’s level of freaking out.

The artwork is beautiful, especially during the scenes where Zylith and Zelan see each other or try to touch. The characters are overall distinctive and look like they belong in their surroundings. For example, the screenshot from below is from Episode 5, and it shows how distinctive Verose and Zylith are from each other. It also shows the Snailords’ talent with drawing characters and settings.

'Freaking Romance' Chapter 5, Verose and Zylith walking on a bridge and talking about her apartment
Verose and Zylith walking and talking about the haunted apartment

Another example is this screenshot (from Episode 8) of Zelan snuggling with Mr. Purrfect, who is Zylith’s cat. I love Zylith’s reaction of feeling like her cat is a “traitor” some of the time, but this is a cute scene. I also like the green sparkles to show that the two dimensions are interacting.

'Freaking Romance' Chapter 8, Zelan snuggles around Mr. Purrfect, a white cat, on a bed
Zelan snuggles around Mr. Purrfect

There was also music attached to some chapters, but I don’t remember much of it to have an opinion.

What disappointed me was that the last few episodes ended up rehashing everything we knew and didn’t really tell us anything more about how Zylith and Zelan are sharing a multidimensional apartment or what the one person was thinking about the other. The last episode or two, in particular, featured backstory that the reader already knew, and that is a con of retelling all events through another major character’s perspective. These rehashed chapters sucked since I read them weekly.

I hope that the next season moves the story along. I want the romance to build up and figure out what really happened to the previous tenant.

Freaking Romance is a funny speculative fiction romance that has great potential to go further and is fun if you’re looking for something light to read.

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