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New Posting Schedule + A Deathly Spring Cleaning

I’m back from the hiatus I took this month, and it was good to take a break from blogging and social media, though I didn’t expect to totally abandon the latter. I need to reduce the frequency of my posting because I have less time to blog. For at least April, I would like to try posting every Monday and every second and fourth Thursday of the month. I may add every second and fourth Thursday to this line up for May.

Because of my hiatus and a sudden writer’s and blogger’s block, I just haven’t been following what’s happening in the book blogging community for the entire month. So, I’m going to do a different kind of wrap up this month. I’m going to talk about what I found while spring cleaning.

I found an old project from a children’s literature class where I had to make a text set. A text set is a collection of books (or other media) that support a common theme. The title of mine was The Death of Children.

Yes, I know how morbid that sounds. I wanted to focus on stories where a child dies and that typically leads to another character grieving for the dead character. For example, Bridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson, ends with Leslie Burke dying while trying to go to Terabithia and her friend grieving and coming to terms with her death. So, I made an urn for her because her parents chose to cremate her body.

I also put a quotation in from the book that was pertinent to the theme. This is the one that I picked: “We must make a funeral wreath for the queen” (Paterson 119).

Besides an urn, I made coffins for all of the other dead child characters and attached quotations from their respective books. I was very fortunate that this assignment happened during October, so I was able to find a bunch of decorative candy coffins and small skeletons at Dollar Tree.

Halloween candy coffins holding plastic skeletons, a green container to look like an urn

This was one of those projects that showed me I could talk at length about a subject. I can also see a little better how including an artistic component would be more fun for a classroom text set.


That’s all for this week. What have you been up to? What’s something that I missed in March? See you all next Monday!


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