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Neko Neha from BiblioNyan tagged me in the Fellowship of the Ring Book Tag, which was created by Nandini from Unputdownable books.

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  5. Even though Gollum is not an official part of the Fellowship, Nandini wanted to have a round figure, so she added a prompt for this character too.


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1. Gandalf – A book that taught you something.

Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson taught me about microaggressions in a way that other texts and classroom discussions did not. I think that was because it compared and contrasted racial and socioeconomic issues.

2. Frodo – A book that left a mark on you.

I should go for something deep for this question. Instead, I’m going with a quotation in a specific scene of City of Lost Souls, by Cassandra Clare, that has made it very difficult to read Song of Solomon without feeling sick. When Clary tries to escape and Sebastian, her brother, almost rapes her, he starts quoting Song of Solomon 4:12 (KJV) as his reason for doing this: “A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.” I did take a class where we talked about this text once. While I understand where “sister” can be a term of endearment for a lover, I first encountered the quotation when a villain wanted to use it to justify his incestuous fantasies. And I can never try reading the Song of Solomon without thinking about Sebastian Morgenstern.

3. Legolas – A book you finished in one sitting.

I can’t remember a book I finished in one sitting and liked, so I’m going to name the most recent one instead. That book is Matchless by Gregory Maguire. It’s a retelling of The Little Match Girl, and it’s not good.

4. Gimli – A book that features an unlikely friendship.

For as little as I have learned about Dallas and Abe in Let’s Play by Mongié, I think there friendship is unlikely when you step away from the fact that they play in the same guild. Their personalities are so different, but they’re surprisingly close. Dallas is smaller than his brother. He is crass and often a downright pig who tries too hard sometimes. Then there’s Abe who is very fit and serious, and he can take a parental or just plain protective stance on his friends. I want to know how they met and why Abe can so easily get to Dallas when he puts a stop to the other from smoking. I want to know why their friendship runs as deep as it does.

5. Merry – A book that pleasantly surprised you.

I’m going with Hearts for Sale by Miyuli. With that title, I thought the webcomic would be something silly, like Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. Don’t get me wrong. The cover gave me hope that it would be fine, but I wasn’t sure. I was happy to find that it was a very sweet story about love found and giving your heart to someone, and I loved that it had all of these plot twists in it.

6. Pippin – A book that made you laugh.

A Tale Dark & Grimm, by Adam Gidwitz, is hilarious. The scene that I remember being the funniest is when Hansel goes to Hell and escapes the Devil by pretending to be his mother. I believe he had to scream something ridiculous to make it sound like a lullaby for the Devil. This book is full of laughs.

7. Boromir – A book/series that you think ended too soon.

This is another hard one because I can more easily think of series that I think have dragged out for too long. I suppose that The Good Demon, by Jimmy Cajoleas, ended too soon because the ending was paced too fast for the rest of the book. If it was slowed down a little bit, it would have been amazing.

8. Sam – A book with memorable side characters who stole the show.

I suppose that Adrian Ivashkov stole the show in the main Vampire Academy series since he keeps popping up in every book. He rescues Rose in her dreams, and he’s a key in helping Lissa learn how to use Spirit powers. Then he becomes a renewed love interest in the spin-off for the resident Alchemist.

9. Aragorn – A good book with a bad/average cover.

One thing I learned about book covers from the Book Traveling Thursdays meme is that a bad cover exists somewhere. At least by American standards. The Lithuanian edition of The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion, is bad because it makes the novel look like a wedding-centered book. The only hint of wedding in the book is Don being focused on The Wife Project, but the rest of the book is about him helping a psych student find her biological father. Where in that is a wedding? It’s bad for not matching the content.

10. Gollum – A book that had great potential but disappointed you in the end.

I had high hopes for The Goblins of Bellwater, by Molly Ringle, but it was ultimately disappointing. It does remain true to the original poem with its plot points and rescue, but I really dislike that it lost the intensity of the sisterly love and made the goblins all the same.

Phew! That was a lot of questions. This is the end of the book tag, and I will see you on Monday with another post.

What is one book or series that ended too soon? What do you think about the books mentioned above?


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