Reviewing My 2018 Fanfic Stats and Favorites

In the process of creating a spreadsheet to track my reading challenges, I realized that this was an opportunity to figure out what my fanfic reading habits looked like. I was never as aware of my fanfic reading habits as my book reading habits beyond a few things I liked.

As a heads up, this is going to be a long post. I apologize in advance.

How much I read each month

As I said in the my conclusion post about my reading challenges, I read 2,404 chapters of fanfic, or 117 complete and incomplete fanfics. For fun, I started with charting how many chapters and fanfics I read each month, which are represented by numbers.


  • The chapters and fanfics read by month were calculated by the final month I read I last recorded myself reading in.
  • Unfortunately, Google Charts wouldn’t show the months that had zero chapters and stories read.

Most of my fanfic reading coincided with me not being in school, like the start of January and all through the summer. When I have a lot of free time, I tend to read more.

I also found that I read an average of 20.6 chapters per fanfic and had a median of 18 chapters. That sounds about typical for me because I don’t typically go for oneshots or fanfics that are more than 30 chapters long.

Where I Find My Fanfics

Something I wanted to work on was finding fanfics on sites other than FanFiction.Net (FFN). So, I started with Archive of Our Own (AO3) and eventually found out about Potions and Snitches, which features fanfics starring Severus Snape and Harry Potter. I did find one fic on LiveJournal, but I don’t know how to navigate LiveJournal to find more than that one. So, now I want to review what I read.

Percentage of Fanfics Read by Source. FFN: 77 fanfics (65.8%). AO3: 23 fanfics (19.7%). Potions and Snitches: 16 fanfics (13.7%). LiveJournal: 1 fanfic (0.8%).

I thought I had read more on AO3 or Potions and Snitches than FFN. I stuck with my favorite fanfic site by far, and I think that’s because I’m still unsure how best to use AO3, but I’m getting better at it.

Archive of Our Own

I’m not going to get into the specific stories I found on AO3, but I like the site more than I used to. It’s more reader friendly and looks cleaner. I’m starting to understand the tags a little more. They show when fics are part of a series. I also like that some of my favorite fanfic authors have moved a lot of their stories to AO3 or cross-post.


I found something on LiveJournal for the first time, but I think that was because I used Google. It was a one-chapter (not oneshot) story about Lupin raising Harry among werewolves, but I don’t think it was ever continued.

Potions and Snitches

Potions and Snitches was a nice find for all of my Snape and Harry gen fics (no pairing). Two of my favorite fanfics on the site are The Great Exchange by JAWorley and A Year Like None Other by aspeninthesunlight. I talked about The Great Exchange earlier this year, and I liked that Snape had to get over his preconceived notions and that all of the students were learning about other Houses. I like that Harry made friends with people in all the Houses and that he got more in touch with his Slytherin side. In fact, I’ve picked up JAWorley as a go-to for my Harry and Snape gen fics.

The second story I loved from this site is A Year Like None Other. This is one where Harry has to be involved in his aunt’s medical treatment with Snape as his guardian, and Harry eventually has to deal with unexpected consequences of going under the knife in Muggle medicine. This leads to him and Snape growing close enough to be like father and son. I love the Severitus type of story, the brother-relationship between Harry and Draco, and Harry’s unique powers. There’s a sequel to this story that I plan to read some time this year.

What Harry Potter Pairings I Read

I realized late in the game that I wasn’t tracking relationships, if the stories had them. So, I had to go back to track those relationships. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll focus on my Harry Potter fanfics.

Number of Harry Potter Pairings. Number of fanfics ranges from 0 to 25. Pairings: Drarry, Drapery/Snarco, Harrymort, Tomarry, Snape/OC, Snarry, Harry/Daphne, Harry/Blaise, Harmony, Harry/Vaisey, HPDMBZ, HPDMBZx2OC, HPLV, HPDMLV, HPCW, Harry/Krum, Deamus.

Drarry (Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy) is still my OTP, but I branched out more to try other ships. My second most read ship is Tomarry (Harry Potter/Tom Riddle). Tied for third is Harrymort (Harry Potter/Voldemort) and Harry Potter/Blaise Zabini.

Drarry, Harry/Blaise, Harry/Draco/Blaise

Learn to Love by S.Malady – This is a Drarry story where they’re both adults and Scorpius is alive. Harry is Scorpius’s schoolteacher. He really cares for Scorpius and eventually starts dating Draco.

The List by smak978 – Harry has an incurable disease where using magic actually makes his magic attack his body. And it gets worse the more he uses magic. Draco sneaks in to one of Harry’s treatments and helps him get through it. What I have read in this story is tragic and heartbreaking.

The Marriage of True Minds by Lomonaaeren – Lucius forces Harry and Draco into a marriage, because laws in the Wizarding World are stupid. Over time the couple bonds and learns to trust each other. Draco helps Harry overcome a different horror from his career. It’s a nice love story.

Post Tenebras Lux by Cjblack – The entire world believes Harry Potter is dead, but he was kidnapped by Voldemort and made the madman’s favorite torture victim. He makes sure Harry won’t fight by impregnating him and holding the child over his head. Draco and Harry bond and try to find whatever happiness they can in the dark world controlled by the Dark Lord. There is a lot of rape and torture in this story.

The Rise of the Drackens by Starlight_Massacre – This is one of my absolute favorite fics of 2018, even though I’m not yet caught up to where Starlight_Massacre left off. So, Harry is a submissive Dracken and he gets together with Blaise, Draco, and two O.C. characters who are all Drackens. They’re relationships are great and cute, and I love their personalities and character development. There’s Harry falling in love, him and his mates have babies who are all cute, lemons, family dynamics, and faeries.

Vellum Voices by Lomonaaeren – Harry was cursed by dear Voldy in the graveyard with being able to speak only Parseltongue. Everyone is afraid of him, of course, except for Blaise Zabini. Blaise actually wants to be his friend and helps him out.

Tomarry and Harrymort

The Consort Tournament by Watermelonsmellinfellon – This is an unexpectedly nice version of Voldemort ruling the world but is looking for a consort. He does that by hosting a tournament that he forces Harry to enter. We don’t appear to be dealing with Horcruxes in this one, so Harry’s Parselmouth abilities are blamed on a power to communicate with all animals.

Consuming Shadows by Child-OTKW – Just before Voldemort won, Lily Potter ran away with her son, without telling anyone, to France so that she could raise him in safety. When Harry turns 16, he is selected to be a representative of Beauxbatons during the Triwizard Tournament, which has been reestablished on British soil. Harry finds himself wrapped up in politics and games with one Dark Lord that he may not want to play.

In the Heart of the Sea by Kaede Ravensdale – The world of this story is one of Mers and their murderous cousins the Sirens. They aren’t supposed to ever get along and often die at the other’s hands. A young Harry Potter, Mer extraordinaire, finds himself injured and then taken to the lair of the Siren named Tom Riddle. It’s a love story between Mer and Siren and fighting against societal rules against being together. Of the few mermaid/siren stories and books that I’ve read, I liked this one a lot.

Wear Me Like A Locket Around Your Throat by VivyPotter – This is another story where Harry somehow travels back in time and falls for Tom Riddle. I like that their little romance takes place over a few years and how we watch different relationships and hatreds develop.

When in Rome by XblackcatwidowX – Harry and Hermione, who are as close as brother and sister, travel back to the 1940s when Tom Riddle was attending Hogwarts. They enter as transfer students and are known as the Delacour Cousins. The drama and betrayals are wonderful, and I loved seeing Harry and Hermione have a cousin-like bond. The ending! It changes everything. I’m already in the middle of the sequel to When in Rome.

Miscellaneous Pairings

Dragon Singer by Na’hiel – Have you ever read those stories where Parselmouths are able to communicate with at least one species of dragon? In this story, dragons find a young Harry Potter, realize he’s a Parselmouth, and make him their Dragon Singer. He grows up on the dragon preserve in Romania, where he takes care of dragons and they take care of him. The only person he actually befriends and talks to is Charlie Weasley.

Relief by Covenmouse – This was my first ever Deamus (Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnegan) fic. It’s a oneshot about them after the Battle of Hogwarts. It’s sweet.

World Enough and Time by salty-sarah – This is a twist on the Triwizard Tournament. Harry apologizes to Viktor Krum about somehow being put in the Tournament and confides in him about his desire to leave. Viktor gives Harry political asylum of Bulgaria, and all of the other Champions help Viktor protect Harry.

Other Harry Potter Fanfics I Loved

The Daring Win by Lomonaaeren – One day, a young Dolores Umbridge finds Harry being treated horribly by his Muggle relatives and sets about adopting him. She mostly uses him for her own gain, so she’s still not a wonderful person. The Daring Win is still an interesting take on a Harry and Umbridge focused story.

Warning Signs Read Desolation by minidraken – I’ve always been curious about fanfics where Voldy wins at the end of the first or second book, and I don’t find too many that I like. This time, Voldy obtains the Philosopher’s Stone, kidnaps Harry, gains some sanity back, and makes the boy his apprentice. I like that Harry works on his Parseltongue and helps raise Basilisks and even gets insights into how Death Eater initiations were supposed to work. It’s a shame that it’s been paused since 2017.

The Will of All Others by BloodyFlickingAndSwishing – All of the male students, excluding Death Eater children, from Hogwarts are captured by Voldemort and are turned into Dark Soldiers. It’s dog-eat-dog for the soldiers, and Harry can’t quite avoid Voldemort’s wrath.

Fanfics from Other Fandoms

The Angel to Balance the Demon by Lacie-Abyss – Sebastian and Clary, from the Mortal Instruments series, make a deal so that she will go with him and he will leave everyone else alone. He very clearly still has his Canon feelings about her, but I like the moments where they both act more like siblings. I’ve only read 13 chapters of this fanfic, so I only know up to the point where she’s getting freaked out by this demonic alter ego that’s haunting her.

Someone to Hear Me by Muneca-de-trapo – This is a nicer father/son Danny Phantom oneshot. He’s having a moment where he really needs to cry and talk to someone, and that someone ends up being his arch-nemesis, Vlad. I like seeing Vlad actually appear more fatherly.

Soul Searching by PixieGirl13 – It’s a little bit of horror in the Danny Phantom universe that I haven’t seen before. The story is basically a horror movie set at a summer camp that Vlad Masters owns. This is a thriller.


That concludes my summary of my fanfic reading and favorite fanfics of 2018. Congratulations to those of you who stuck around to read the whole post!

What do your fanfic reading habits look like? Which pairings do you read? Or where do you read your fanfics?


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    (On a slightly related note – my final 2018 fanfiction challenge post will be up as soon as I finish putting it together! Lol.)

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