Feedback on the Fanfiction Reading Challenge 2018

I started the Fanfiction Reading Challenge this year, and it’s been freeing for my fanfic reading and willingness to talk about fanfics. I think it’s a good challenge to have around, and I’m hoping to host this reading challenge again. But I think it can be improved a lot.

Here is what I think needs changing:

  • I want to change the challenge from counting chapters to counting whatever you like: words, individual fanfics, chapters, etc. I’ve read comments about how challenging it is if you read shorter fics, and I agree that makes it much more difficult to meet any goals.
  • I liked having levels as benchmarks, but I’m not sure how to keep them if I make it a rule to count fanfics in whatever way makes you happy.
  • I would like to find a better way to keep the challenge more active, but I’m not sure the best way to do that. Do monthly update posts with link-ups help? Should a Facebook group be created or a hashtag? What keeps you active in a challenge?
  • Should there be a bingo board? I thought about making one last year, and then I chucked the idea with limited time constraints to make a challenge. Do you care about reading widely for fanfiction?

You are free to disagree with my assessment, and you can tell me about it.

I need your help too. If you participated in the challenge this year and/or would like to participate next year, please let me know what you like and dislike about this challenge. Help me improve this challenge.

Please give me feedback on how the Fanfiction Reading Challenge went this year. What should I change or keep the same? What would make the challenge better for you?

I will post the announcement post for 2019 in December. Please let me know how I can make this challenge better for you.


8 thoughts on “Feedback on the Fanfiction Reading Challenge 2018

  1. I absolutely love fanfiction. I dipped my toes into writing with writing fanfiction. My first fanfic was a Harry Potter fanfic. This is such a cool challenge. I know I would love to participate in it next time it comes up. To address what you think needs changing:

    1. I agree with giving the counting items more flex. I know that I will be counting fics. That’s mostly bec ause I devour them.

    2. I would keep them but I would have them show some kind of way to show that they’ve reached the mark! example: list of fics, do a post on saying that I’ve read 3k words or something.

    3. I like the idea of monthly update posts. I reminds me of monthly wrap-ups or checkins. It reminds people to stay involved. Really the check ins keep me active in a challenge. For instance I’ve planned four check-in vlogs for my youtube channel for Nanowrimo.

    4. A bingo board would be fun. One of my favorite tv shows has a wide variety of tropes and topics. If you maybe kept some of the squares towards those it would be easier to create?

    I like the reward! I would love to have graphic! Also if you want someone to work with on making graphics. I could send you some ideas that I have! That would be free to use if you want to keep them. This is such a fun challenge that I cannot wait to participate in.

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  2. I love this challenge!

    It’s def. trickier if you read shorter fics like I do, but then *shrugs* I don’t mind tricky!

    Reading the previous comment here, I have to add that I don’t like bingo boards! I know a lot of people do, but they just annoy me. Still, up to you! 🙂

    Maybe like a list of questions to answer about the fics you read – like, what was your favourite this month/quarter/whatever? What was the weirdest? What was the most NSFW? (B/c let’s face it, fanfiction,) What was your least favourite? etc.

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  3. I didn’t participate in this challenge this year because I knew about it just a few weeks ago. I plan to participate next year though.
    And I like flexibility in how to count the fanfiction. I’ve read chapters with just 2000 words and there are other that have 10000 words. Considering benchmarks I’m not sure how to deal with that, although you could make main categories (chapters, stories, words for example) and give them their benchmarks?
    I also love the idea of check-in posts. Those really keep me on track.
    I also like the idea of questions of the month, like Cee Arr suggested.
    I’m looking forward to next year, however you plan to do this, and I’m grateful for your engagement. So, thank you!

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    1. Thank you for the feedback anyway. I was thinking about saying, “These are the levels, but you set your goals.” But I like your idea of giving main categories with those benchmarks. I’m still working out details, and yours and everyone else’s comments are helping. Thank you.


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