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Metztlitototl is plagued by the Gods of Death and Night

Behind the Obsidian Mirror by DaughterOfOwlsA pale boy who had lost his memory was going to be sacrificed to the Aztec God of Death until said god stayed the High Priest’s hand and marked the boy as his servant. Like the High Priest, this boy can see and interact with the gods. It doesn’t help that the interests two of them have in him will likely lead to his death. Who is this boy plagued by Aztec gods? His name is Metztlitototl, or “Moonbird,” and he’s from the webcomic Behind the Obsidian Mirror by DaughterOfOwls.

Metztlitototl became one of the novice priests, and he has the fortune or misfortune of capturing the eyes of both the God of Death, Mictlantecuhtli, and the God of Night, Tezcatlipoca. He can see them, hear them, speak with them, and interact with them. He was mostly protected from dying by Mictlantecuhtli, and he was learning the culture around him. Everything was okay until Tezcatlipoca discovered his existence.

It’s terrifying to me how easily these gods can do corporeal things, mostly to the priests who can see them. Early on, the Smoking Mirror, another name for the God of Night, digs his claws into the High Priest’s mouth and slashes him across his chest as punishment for something that was out of his control. His own most obedient servant pities the person the God of Night decides to hunt.

That’s just him. There is also the Lord of Mictlan, a.k.a. the God of Death, who has his own brand of danger that extends beyond ruling the dead. He can make his sacred animals attack or defend whoever he likes. Although, I am interested in why Metztlitototl is immune to the poison of Mictlan’s magic. It can very easily kill humans, according to Mictlantecuhtli’s wife.

On the other hand, both gods can step in to rescue a human if they so desire it. I suppose that’s a good thing, but they can so easily destroy another person. Both also have a romantic or sexual interest in Metztlitototl. This is why I would encourage the young priest to be cautious around the immortals who would like to use him. Then again, I’m rooting for Metztlitototl and Mictlantecuhtli to progress in their relationship without the former dying too soon, so I want the young priest to interact with immortals.

You can find Metztlitototl’s character information sheet here. If you would like to read Behind the Obsidian Mirror, that link will also take you to it.

What is one character who is a ghost or who can interact with the spiritual realm?

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    1. Yes. I stopped at the start of Chapter 6 because I had wanted to review it. At the point in the story, it doesn’t quite feel halfway yet, so I think it’s going to keep going for a while. It’s on hiatus for the moment, but DaughterOfOwls has been writing it since 2011, so updates will start again some time soon.

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