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Remembering New Moon for the Motorcycle Scenes

This week’s theme of the I Heart Characters! Meme is a Biker. Most of the bikers I’ve encountered in fiction are in movies or urban fantasy novels. The bikers I will talk about today are from a very mainstream YA novel: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.

If you haven’t read New Moon, Bella has been looking for more thrill-seeking activities, since Edward broke up with her, so that she can hear Edward’s voice in her head. She thinks riding a motorcycle would be perfect for that mission, so she goes to Jacob Black to fix up two motorcycles and learn how to drive one. There are other reasons for seeking out Jacob, but that’s not what’s important here. While they fix up the bikes, they grow closer, and I love their banter and bonding over the bikes.

I like this part of New Moon for both the growing relationship between Jacob and Bella and for the details about motorcycles slipped in. These are what make Jacob and Bella the perfect bikers for this week’s theme.

New Moon Jacob Black teaches Bella Swan how to drive a motorcycle
Source: Twilight Guide

It all starts with her buying the two bikes and bringing them to Jacob. It’s mostly about her waiting for Edward to come back and getting Charlie off her back, but Jacob is more than willing to help her learn, sans the real reason.

Only a teenage boy would agree to this: deceiving both our parents while repairing dangerous vehicles using money meant for my college education. He didn’t see anything wrong with that picture. Jacob was a gift from the gods.*

They start bonding over many things, including Bella’s attempts to assuage Jacob’s worry about Sam and the pack he has yet to meet. While Jacob does the majority of repairs to the bikes, I remember them eating pizza and arguing about who was older by factoring in mental age, looks, etc. Those are wonderful scenes that could easily make someone Team Jacob.

The motorcycle lessons were fun for me because I liked learning about how motorcycles work. I liked reading Jacob’s instructions about the difference in brakes and then watch Bella not follow instructions. Even though Bella gets hurt and wants to be a biker for wrong reasons, I liked that she was learning.

Points should be given to New Moon for including one biker teaching a novice to become one, for Bella and Jacob’s bonding over the bikes, and for the details about bike safety. They are certainly the most memorable bikers from the books I’ve read.

Who are your favorite fictional bikers (motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, etc.)?

I Heart Characters Meme

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* This quotation was borrowed from the Goodreads quotes section. I do not know where exactly in New Moon it appears.

4 thoughts on “Remembering New Moon for the Motorcycle Scenes

  1. I just started watching these and I started reading book 1 yesterday. I was really young when they were super popular and all.
    I’ve seen through Eclipse and so far my favorite part of the whole thing is the time Bella and Jacob spend together. It turned me Team Jacob for sure. Love him dearly but Bella drives me insane…

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  2. My friend was a SUPER MEGA TWILIGHT FAN, lol so I had to read Twilight and New Moon… I watched the movies with her too and I totally got why she loved them so much… As a writer I was more fascinated at how short the actual plot was, lol. Still I totally agree Carrie! These scenes totally make you Team Jacob though I also love how they showcase friendship and how your lover doesn’t have to be the be all end all ALL the time… Great, great choice!! ❤️

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