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4 Reasons Misa Amane Would Run into a Fire

Death Note Vol 4Death Note mostly examines a young man’s obsession with becoming the god of a new world by executing those he considers evil by writing peoples’ names in the Death Note. The media dubs him Kira, which is essentially “killer” written in romanized katakana. Misa Amane is a famous model who is an open supporter of Kira. Misa becomes the Second Kira in a bid to get the real Kira’s attention and to thank him for killing her parents’ murderer.

When I first read and watched Death Note, I remember when the girls in my class who got into the manga started trying to mimic her hairstyle. I don’t remember what I really thought about her beyond knowing that she is one of the only constant female characters in the series. As I rewatched the anime almost two months ago, I realized how crazy (in love) she is, even though the reason is understandable.

Because the theme of this week’s I Heart Characters! Meme is about the character who would run into a fire, I knew Misa was one who would run into a fire. There are four reasons why.

To attract Kira’s attention.

She did her best to attract Kira’s attention when she wanted to meet him. She started threatening and killing people publicly to get Kira’s attention and approval because she was so thankful for him killing her parents’ murderer.

Then she went so far as to look for him in a crowd and then knock at his door. She is pretty obsessed with him and desperate for anything he can give her. If running into a fire got his attention for her being the Second Kira, she would have done it.

To save Light from a burning building.

She loves him too much to let him die. She would do that for him. He better pray she doesn’t die doing something like this because Rem would be none too forgiving.

To kill any girl that Light Yagami dates, even if she’s necessary to fulfill his plans.

If for some reason she did not possess a Death Note or another convenient means of killing this girlfriend, she would push that girl into a fire or drag her into one.

Because Light wanted her to.

Light: Jump!

Misa: How high?

Light: Run into that fire.

Misa: Okay! I love you!

Let’s be honest: she said she would do anything he wanted. When she forced herself in Light’s life, she promised to do anything he wanted. She vowed to be his Shinigami eyes, his assassin, his weapon, anything he wants. I suppose he would have to persuade her to run into a fire on his say-so, but she begged for death when she realized she had been arrested under suspicion of being the Second Kira. She also presumably committed suicide because of Light’s capture and death.

But Miss Takada beat her to it.

Kiyomi Takada
Kiyomi Takada. Source: MyAnimeList.Net

Let’s be clear: Kiyomi Takada, chosen spokesperson of Kira, was the one who lit herself on fire for her god. Light told her what to do to in the event that something happened to her, and then he and Mikami arranged for her suicide by fire by Death Note.


Light is a master manipulator and cult leader. It’s unfortunate that two women fell for his “I’ll make you my goddess” routine, but they were much too devoted to Kira in the first place. May they rest and peace, and may Ryuk eat apples for the rest of his days.

If you want to see this Misa and Miss Takada, you should read Death Note or watch its anime adaptation. I don’t know how Misa behaves in any of the live-action adaptations, though I have heard some very terrible things about her incarnation as Mia Sutton in the American version. The Misa I think of is the one I’ve seen in the original manga and the anime.

I Heart Characters Meme

This post is for the I Heart Characters! Meme, hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer. The purpose of this meme is to show our love for characters from any media that we love. We can also post on any day that is most convenient, but the link-up happens on Thursdays.

What character do you think would run into a fire? Why would they run into the fire?

8 thoughts on “4 Reasons Misa Amane Would Run into a Fire

  1. Man, his brings back memories! It’s been something like ten years since I watched Death Note and will never get over how it treated its female characters.

    Great post!

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  2. YAY!!! Carrie you picking an anime/manga character has just made my week! Girl I seriously LOVE that you chose a character from Deathnote… I’m sad to say that I never got past the first volume! I read it at the end of my first manga phase and never got back to the series… I can see why Misa fangirled over Kira since he fulfilled her greatest wish to revenge her parents. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Death Note was my first manga series, and it was fun when all of my classmates were reading it too. I remember when the girls who liked Death Note, including me, did our best to copy Misa’s hairstyle. Anyway, I had forgotten why she loved Kira until I binge watched the anime again last month. It makes me understand her behavior more now.

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  3. Well Carrie this one seems very interesting and so far from what I am watching 😉 My son is an anime fan so he would certainly know all about this one! Great choice!

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