5 Reasons I Like Audiobooks

Since 2017, I’ve read more and more audiobooks than I ever have. The audiobook version of Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard made my top five list of 2017, and I’m in the middle of another audiobook now! I learned that I really like audiobooks, even if they’re not my favorite way to read. I used to dislike them mostly because it was too easy to get distracted while listening to them, but they’ve become very fun. Today, I want to share my reasons for liking audiobooks.

I like being read to.

It’s sometimes infinitely more entertaining to listen to someone read to you. This all entirely depends on the narrator’s skill because they make or break an audiobook. When you find good narrators, especially ones who are paired well with the writing style, it makes the experience fun. On top of that, I can now also follow narrators like I do authors.

Audiobooks come in many different formats.

Chronicles of Narnia Audiobook and PlayAwayI still have audiobooks on cassette and CD, but I don’t know where I could find a cassette player once my last one dies. I used to like listening to audiobooks on CD because I usually stayed in one room or took them on a road trip. I’ve mostly listened to digital audio files through OverDrive over the last few years if I’m going to listen to an audiobook. Because of the way OverDrive shows you how far you have read and how far you have to go, they’re very easy to use for tracking progress on Goodreads.

More recently, I like listening to audiobooks on PlayAways, which are essentially a single audiobook per MP3 player. In many ways, I find PlayAways easier to deal with and carry around than CD players and my Kindle.

I can wander through the grocery store, eat lunch or wait for class to start.

With the portability of PlayAways and digital audiobooks, it’s easier for me to read just about anywhere. I like that it’s generally easier for me to do something mindless or pass the time easily by reading an audiobook.

Sometimes I can get through some books only because I listened to the audiobook.

This has mostly happened to me with classics. My clearest memory of that is with the first three books (chronologically) in The Chronicles of Narnia. There is something about C.S. Lewis’s writing style that made it hard for me when I was little to get into his books on my own. I came to love those books because I read along with the audiobooks. I like that the narrators made the story entertaining, and I still remember how his voice changed for Polly.

It also helped me through some parts of Milton’s Paradise Lost, but poetry should be read aloud. The great thing about some poems in the public domain is that you can find many in audiobook-form on YouTube, and you don’t have to wait for a library copy to become available.

It’s easy to rewind to a part you missed.

As I said earlier, I can get distracted pretty easily while listening to an audiobook, so it’s great when I can quickly back up to where I think I missed something. I think OverDrive’s built-in player does very well with letting you rewind or skip ahead 15 seconds. PlayAway is also decent for generally rewinding, but it’s hard to be as exact with it.


Do you like audiobooks? What do you like about them? What don’t you like?


10 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Like Audiobooks

  1. I absolutely LOVE audiobooks ❤ I honestly think they're underappreciated for how versatile they are. I totally agree that they help me get through books I wouldn't be able to read otherwise. I've been trying to read more classics (via audiobook) and I definitely don't think I'd be able to just by reading a physical book!

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  2. I have gotten really into audiobooks this year. They used to feel really slow to me, but then I realized I could listen to them at double speed and still understand them, and now I get through one or two a week! I really relate to using audiobooks to get through books I wouldn’t otherwise finish, and I think, deep down, people of all ages like to be read to. Great post!

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