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It’s Day Two of the Retellathon, and I’m now announcing on my blog that I’m participating. This 8-day readathon is all about reading your favorite stories retold in a new way. You can tweet questions to the Retellathon Twitter account (@retellathon). While I am already in progress of working on this readathon today, I wanted to announce my participation on the blog. Here was my announcement Tweet:

And the Instagram post:

I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate earlier because I wasn’t sure I would be in the mood to read a retelling mid-July. Then I went to the library on Saturday and found a retelling of Peter Pan. This retelling is Stars by Colleen Oakes, the first in the Wendy Darling trilogy. It takes a darker twist where Wendy is forgetting her life in London and Neverland is becoming a nightmare. This twist feels akin to the original novel where she loves Peter and where he is evil.

There are five challenges, but I’m planning on completing only one. The challenges are as follows:

  1. Love at First Sight: Read a retelling of your favorite fairy tale
  2. True Love’s Twist: Read a queer or genderflipped retelling
  3. Faraway Kingdom: Read a retelling of a fairy tale from your heritage
  4. Under a Spell: Read the group book: The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill
  5. Unhappily Ever After: Read a retelling with a dark twist (e.g. with an unhappy ending or told from the villains point of view)

I’m only planning on meeting Unhappily Ever After, but Peter Pan is enough of a favorite that it could also count for Love at First Sight. I’m still in the middle of The Cruel Prince and several fanfics, after all.

Are you participating in the Retellathon? If you’ve read any good retellings lately, let me know which ones I should read in the comments.


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