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I Want a Novella for Sausun, the Niqabi Ninja

Saints and Misfits by SK AliIn S.K. Ali’s Saints and Misfits, Sausun is the niqabi woman or teen (I’m not sure her age) who believes Janna and gives her the confidence to face her monster, Farooq. She’s there in the book, but she suddenly reaches prominence toward the end when she rescues and helps Janna.

Sausun is more than a no-nonsense support for Janna, but that does win her many character points. Before she becomes this awesome friend for Janna, she started a vlog called Niqabi Ninjas that became very popular. This vlog has a primary goal of normalizing the niqab. One of the videos described were niqabi women walking around giving people things to make them smile. I believe one of those was a flower. She does introduce it to Janna as something she likes watching, but maybe she doesn’t want everyone knowing it’s her yet. This probably because she wants to use some of her vlogging ability to avenge her sister who lives in the Middle East and who has been abandoned by her husband.

There is more to Sausun than meets the eye in this novel, and I would love to read more about her. She has so much going on in her life, and I can see some great stories being written about her.

What I Want More Of

  • I want more information about her being a Niqabi Ninja. It could be actual YouTube videos for her channel, or how she came to make the Niqabi Ninja, or her in the process of making one of her videos. If it’s that last one, I’m thinking something like some of her first videos or videos where she is trying something new that makes her nervous.
  • I want to know more about her sister. Sausun wants justice for her sister who’s been abandoned by her husband in Saudi Arabia (I believe). How did her sister get there? What is their relationship like? Does she ever have a successful test run of Niqabi Ninja that would actually help her sister?
  • What happens when it gets revealed at the mosque of what happened to Janna? Is Sausun going to be an open ally for her? I mean, she probably will considering their scheme to expose Farooq, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Where is Sausun five years from now?

I don’t know that I want a full novel for Sausun, unless her story could actually be told in that amount of space without sacrificing quality. While I don’t generally like novellas, I think a novella or a short story about her would be okay.

What do you think of Sausun? Which minor character do you want to have their own story?

I Heart Characters! Meme

I Heart Characters Meme

This is my first post for the I Heart Characters! Meme, hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer. This was started for book bloggers to share their love of characters. This week we were asked to write about a minor character who needs their own Story. If you would like to know the upcoming prompts, follow the link to her blog. At the moment, I’m not planning on participating every week, but I would like to participate often.

8 thoughts on “I Want a Novella for Sausun, the Niqabi Ninja

  1. YES!!!!!!! Sausun was one of my favourite characters in the whole book. Her persona, beliefs, the way she motivates Janna–all of it was just such a gem! I would totally be ecstatic if Sausun had her own novella, or even her own novel!!


  2. Welcome to the meme Carrie!! YAY!! ❤️ This is on my TBR but now I’m super intrigued! Niqabi Ninja?! GAAAAHHH! How great is that?! I think that Sausun needs a total spinoff book! Really delve into the whole ninja thing and using Youtube and all that! Perhaps she learns of an injustice that is closer to home… It could be epic! I’ve read a couple of rave reviews over this book and I really need to pick it up!


  3. What a unique and interesting character! Yes I think she would deserve her own story. Great choice!


  4. She sounds like an amazing character indeed. I can seriously feel your enthusiasm and love for her, that pretty much shines through in this entire post. Hopefully you will get your wish and there will be more stories about her 😊

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