I Binged on Fanfiction This Month, and This Is What I Read

Instead of reading a lot of original fiction or nonfiction, I read a lot fanfiction. That means I’m finally making progress on the Fanfiction Reading Challenge! I found myself in a reading slump after the semester ended, but it turned out that I needed to read tons of fanfiction. I basically read 11 fanfics, most of them novel-length.

The only fanfic I started reading this month that wasn’t in the Harry Potter universe was The Angel to Balance the Demon by Lacie-Abyss. This is a 42-chapter, 395,939-word story is from The Mortal Instruments series. This one has Sebastian offer Clary a deal to save her family and friends from further harm, and she takes it. I’m not thrilled about the threat of the usual for their relationship, but it’s better than the non-Shadowhunter AU fics. I haven’t yet found much good in the way of fanfiction that deals with Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern and Clary Fray, but I also stopped actively following Mortal Instruments fanfics years ago. I wonder at different events that would happen if something changed in City of Lost Souls or if they had grown up together.


The rest of my list is Harry Potter fanfiction, but only Warning Signs Read Desolation and To Kill You With a Kiss are not written by Lomonaaeren. Warning Signs Read Desolation is minidraken’s rewrite of the Philosopher’s Stone with the Dark Lord discovering Harry is a horcrux, kidnapping him from Hogwarts, and being sane. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Voldemort-raises-Harry stories, even though it isn’t finished. I read up to the most recently updated chapter: No. 28. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated since last year. I hope minidraken will finish it because this is amazing.

To Kill You With a Kiss, by Paimpont, is a time travel HPTMR slash. Time travel fiction is usually hit and miss for me, even when it’s a good Harry goes back to meet Tom Riddle. Fortunately, this one is decent. For the humor if nothing else. The ending is strange, and I’m not that happy with it. It’s fine though. I read all 29 chapters.

Now it’s time to talk about the stories by Lomonaaeren that I read this month. To stick with Lord Voldemort being in young Harry’s life, His Twenty-Eighth Life is one where Harry has reincarnated many times, and this time He Who Must Not Be Named figured that out. It’s apparently supposed to be slash some day, but 30 chapters in and it isn’t there yet.

Ashborn veers away from the mostly Drarry fanfiction that Lomonaaeren writes. It’s slash between Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. I read it a few years ago, twice, but I forgot the majority of the plot. The most I could remember was a long-ago first impression of the story and its first chapter. It’s one where Harry sacrifices himself to prevent more bloodshed, but the people he’s dealing with are Malfoy, Snape and the Ashborn. It shows how the relationships are different between each person in this partnership, and it also features magical politics. I read all 40 chapters.

After this, I wanted to read Drarry fanfics by Lomonaaeren that I haven’t read before. (She has written almost 500 fanfics!) I found a one-shot that was a similar save-the-Wizarding-World-from-an-impending-war-with-a-contract. The Inner Lands changes the script by making the threat Sidhe lords, and one of them is Draco Malfoy. It’s a strange Drarry, but it makes me want to try more Fae stories and books.

Similar to these forced contracts, I also read the 50-chapter story, The Marriage of True Minds. Lucius forces Draco and Harry to marry. Fortunately, they only have to live with each other, so they try to pursue separate lives and spite Lucius. Things change with the threat of a monster from Harry’s past. For a story that treads into the dark and horror, it’s a thrilling and angsty story. I love it.

The next three are very short. Promises Made on Wands is a dark fairy tale that I predicted the ending on, but going through the dread of knowing and watching it happen was alright. If you’ve seen any show or read any story with dangerous consequences of wishing for things from genies, you can guess where this one-shot will go. Another Country How Noble in Reason is a 9-chapter story where Harry goes undercover to find what dark artifact that Malfoy is hiding and actually falls for him. I like some of these where Malfoy turns the tables on Harry, so it was fun to read. In four chapters, Another Country starts with Harry in the custody of Healers who are unsympathetic about being cursed with something that won’t let him speak English and that made him fluent in Latin. Draco wants Harry to have independence. I really liked the development of this story, but I don’t understand how Draco was taught conversational Latin but his parents weren’t.

The last fanfic I read was Water from a Stone. It’s an okay, quick read if you want some Drarry fun. These 12 chapters operate under the premise that Harry has vowed to stop the mistreatment of Slytherins after the Second Wizarding War, but it’s more about Drarry romance. The main thing that sucks is that we don’t see a resolution to Harry’s vows about the Slytherins. Recommended for the sass that is Harry Potter and for His Grace the Whinging. A great line from chapter 4:

I forgot. There’s thirty-one of you, counting Malfoy’s enormous ego. Well, I reckon I can handle seven students. Come here, Malfoy.

The grand total for the month is 216 chapters, which brings me up to 287 total chapters for the year. I wish I had made more levels for the Fanfiction Reading Challenge, but it will be fine. How is your fanfiction reading going this year?


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