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Wonder Woman vs. Narnia Book Tag

In the left corner we have Wonder Woman and in the right we have Aslan. They’re stars of their books and movies, and it’s time for them to go head-to-head. Find out below who wins which battle.

I was tagged by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer, who combined the Wonder Woman Book Tag with the Narnia Book Tag into this ingenious tag. She posts beautiful reviews and amazing discussion posts. I’m going to use her order and comparisons because they’re awesome.

Rules should you choose to accept this tag…

  • Credit the creators (Wonder Woman Book Tag) Amber @ Amber’s Books and More on Booktube. (The Narnia Book Tag) Clemi @ Clemi’s Bookish World.
  • Thank the lovely person who tagged you!
  • Answer the questions or prompts…
  • Tag some people to do it! Spread the love!

Wonder Woman Narnia Book Tag

I’m biased toward Narnia and against Wonder Woman because I didn’t like the Wonder Woman movie. That’s not helped by my general disinterest in superhero comics and movies. Let’s move on to the tag and see what the results are!

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne JonesNarnia

A magical world you would like to visit

I think it would be fun to go to Ingary, the kingdom that most of Howl’s Moving Castle is set in. I also like that there’s a way to travel to our world, so visiting shouldn’t be a problem.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneFantasy Island

A book setting you want to escape to

I want to escape to the Wizarding World, but I want to go to the U.K. Wizarding World, not the U.S. Wizarding World. The world of Harry Potter became a little less magical for me when it officially included the United States. I want to go to Hogwarts and learn Transfiguration and Charms. It’s the defining fantasy world of my childhood, and I would love to escape to it.

WINNER: The World of Harry Potter

A Game of Thrones - TV coverWonder Woman

Your favorite badass female book character

While I love HBO’s Game of Thrones, I will restrict myself to the characters as they are in the first book only. The badass female I’m picking is Daenerys Targaryen, pre-Mother of Dragons. She comes into her own in this book. I think her real strengths are realizing that she has power, standing up to her brother, putting her husband out of his misery as he suffers, killing the woman who hurt her, and becoming the Mother of Dragons. Our Khaleesi didn’t start her campaign yet, but she found strength and confidence in her role as Khaleesi and used them.

Last SacrificeCaspian

A character with regal qualities

Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir from Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead. I love how she handled the test to be the ruler of the Moroi. This is how she answered the last question she was given:

A queen must possess nothing to rule because she has to give everything she has to her people. Even her life.

WINNER: The Khaleesi!

The Magician's NephewThe Magician’s Nephew

A book you think is underrated

Is it cheating to say The Magician’s Nephew? I do actually believe that this book is underrated. It shows how Narnia and the Witch came to be. I love that the mode of transportation in this book is through rings and pools. It’s so magical. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook from Harper Children’s Audio.

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildLondon

A hyped book that let you down

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was disappointing. I never expected to love it, but it was truly a letdown to the actual facts and rules of the universe as well as the characters. How could you do that to Amos Diggory?

The hype was just about it being the next installment and that it would be performed (for the lucky few who can go to London and buy tickets). I could live with the elitism of it all if it had a good installment to the universe.

WINNER: The Magician’s Nephew

Spinner of Secrets by Annie TwitchellLasso of Truth

A book you hated

Why would I lie about hating a book? It’s impossible to love every single book.

I kind of hate Spinner of Secrets by Annie Louise Twitchell. People complain about abusive relationships in Twilight, but the relationship in here is especially abusive and treated like it’s a good thing. I also can’t stand how gypsies are portrayed.

Sister Carrie Bantam Classics CoverThe Horse and His Boy

A book you picked up without knowing what it was about

I did this with Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser. I was just excited to see a book with my name on it that wasn’t the damn Stephen King book or movies.

Then I had to read it for an American literature class. It was actually a really good book, and I think it’s underrated for American lit. The writing style is friendly more than 100 years after it was originally published.

WINNER: Sister Carrie. I’m not sure that this is fair since the other book was one I hated.

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsThe Last Battle

A perfect ending to a series you love

Deathly Hallows is hard to beat. This was a great climax to the series, and I love that the Golden Trio have to rely on themselves more than ever. It brings the battles with Voldy, the Ministry, and family friends to a head. Then it’s resolved in a perfectly bittersweet way by killing off enough characters while leaving enough alive. I also liked the epilogue.

The Dream Thieves by Maggie StiefvaterSteve Trevor

A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (i.e. great personality)

Maggie Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves has a beautiful cover, a great story, and an awesome backstory for one character. I will always love the cover artist for the covers of The Raven Cycle. I love the focus on Ronan and his being a Dream Thief. His war against Kavinsky is just awesome and would make for a great movie.

WINNER: The Dream Thieves for Ronan’s unique power.

the-book-thief-with-medalWonder Woman’s Shield

A book so sad you need a shield

The end of The Book Thief is sad. I hesitate to say that I need a shield from all of the sadness because I like it when books make me feel a lot emotions. This book has several sad moments. Having the narrator be Death compounds that sadness in some moments.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda LovelaceThe Silver Chair

A book you didn’t expect to love (…as much as you did)

I think this would be The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace. I don’t read a lot of novels in verse or memoirs in verse, so I thought it would only be okay. It was a great memoir, and I found several pages that I absolutely loved. The princess does save herself in this one, and the journey is worth following.

WINNER: The Book Thief

The School for Good and Evil by Soman ChainaniEustace Scrubb

A character who grew on you

Sophie from The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani grew on me. At the start, I accepted that she was important to Agatha, but she wasn’t lovable in the beginning. As she goes through the devastation of being named Evil when she was certain she was Good (we knew she wasn’t, right?), I came to like her. I also loved the shifting dynamics between her and Agatha and having them figure out the power of friendship.

Blood PromiseAres

A villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate

Dimitri Belikov is a badass whether he’s a Dhampir or a Strigoi. He’s really scary as a Strigoi. He is cunning, evil, and extra strong in this form, and he makes a great tempter for Rose. He’s persuasive. Like Rose, I can’t bring myself to hate him. It’s heartbreaking to watch Rose try to kill him in the end. This only applies to Blood Promise and Spirit Bound.

WINNER: Dimitri Belikov

This Is Where It Ends by Marieke NijkampThe Amazons

A book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation

This is hard, but I’m going to go with This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp. Don’t get me wrong. The book has a very diverse cast of characters. It has several LGBT+ characters, including the two main female leads. Those two are dating! But it’s on the edge of having diversity just to have diversity, like a quota. Is it possible to have more than the two lesbians and one gay guy? I don’t know that there is any way to improve this or add more representation without taking away from the story.

It’s also very awkward on relating this to the Amazons since there was an issue about underestimating the power of guns in the movie and since this book is about a school shooting.

City of BonesThe Pevensies

A siblinghood or friendship you’d love to be a part of

I think I would like to be one of the Lightwood siblings (Alec, Isabelle, Jace, and Max). I like their bond and that they fiercely protect each other. The other thing is that they generally support each other. I also like that they accepted Jace as a brother. Well, Alec had more feelings for him than that, but you get the point.

WINNER: The Lightwoods

"Emily of New Moon" by L.M. MontgomeryThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

A classic that you love

I’m choosing Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery. I love books about people who want to write. One thing that I particularly love about this book is that it shows the evolution of Emily’s ability to spell (example: “cookie” is spelled as “cooky”). Her relationships with the other characters and her imagination make for an interesting read. I also like the second book in the trilogy, but I never read the third.

City of Lost SoulsPrince Caspian

A sequel that you loved

I didn’t care for City of Fallen Angels as much, mostly because I liked City of Glass as an end to the series. City of Lost Souls was better. It was more heartbreaking when Simon’s mom rejects him and when Clary calls Sebastian in to put Jace back under his control. In that evil plan kind of way, we actually see a potentially good side to him, which he shatters.

WINNER: City of Lost Souls

The Changelings by Christina SoontornvatThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader

A quest you’d like to be a part of

I would like to be part of the quest in The Changelings by Christina Soontornvat. I like these adventures where you rescue someone, especially when it gives you a chance to explore wonderful places in that world. This world of fey was beautiful and magical. Izzy, the heroine, meets awesome changeling friends along the way, and I like her relationship with them. It’s a sweet middle-grade quest.

1162543The Amazons, Part II

A supernatural team you’d like to be a part of

Whatever the public perception of the Twilight Saga is, I love the combination of the Cullens and Jacob’s new pack. When they’re in trouble, they band together and become an amazing force against the Volturi. The fact that they are a family is what makes them great.

WINNER: Cullen Family (a.k.a. Olympic coven) and Jacob Black’s Pack

eragon-originalMr. Tumnus

Your favorite mystical creature

I like the Elves from the Inheritance Cycle. Besides their fierceness, I love that they expand their consciousness to feel all the life and magic around them. I also love the idea of living inside of a tree.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneBracelets of Submission

Your favorite magical item.

Hmm. As much as I want to say Kell’s many-coats-in-a-coat, my favorite magical item is a flying broom. I like the feeling of flying, and I would love to try to do tricks on the brooms like the Quidditch players. I also remember the words of Aggie Cromwell when she takes Marnie up for her first broom ride:

Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.

WINNER: A flying broom

Justice League

What superhero book friends do you tag?

I look forward to seeing your answers.

The Wardrobe

Your favourite hideout/place to read

My bedroom. It has books and my bed.

WINNER: I’m not going to pick a winner between these two.

The final winner is… WONDER WOMAN!

Wonder Woman Movie Poster

I’m surprised. Congrats, Diana!

10 thoughts on “Wonder Woman vs. Narnia Book Tag

  1. Hahaha I noticed right off that your winner was Diana… which is really ironic. no?! Anyway great choices for books… Howl’s Moving Castle is definitely a world I’d like to visit!! And you kind of are seducing me with the broom idea… Anyway thanks for doing the tag!! I LOVED reading your answers, Carrie ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The only books I’ve read from this are HP and the Twilight book, but I don’t even remember the Twilight book lol. Some of these do sound good though. But yeah, The Deathly Hallows was amazing! It was so intense, especially since, as you said, the three had to rely on each other so much and were so isolated. And then THAT BATTLE. And all the deaths, of course, were emotional. Brooms would def be fun, except I wonder, how does one sit on a broom??? I mean, do they have bicycle seats or something? Cuz sitting on a stick like that would be really difficult and uncomfortable and also hard to balance lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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