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#TheReadingQuest Conclusion

#TheReadingQuest ended yesterday, and I failed to complete my quests. If you don’t know, #TheReadingQuest is a reading challenge based on video games. It has character classes, quests, experience points (XP) and health points (HP). In my sign-up post, I chose to follow the path of the Bard. Most of the challenge was taken up by schoolwork, so I had less time to read what I wanted to. Such is life. Here is how the quest turned out for me.

TheReadingQuest Board
CW of Read, Think, Ponder is the artist behind this game board. You can find her on InstagramTwitter, and her stunning blog!

Class: Bard

Level: 1

XP: 20

HP: 61

Now I’ll explain the points as I see them.

The first 10 XP were automatically given, and the second 10 came from one quest. The only quest I completed was A Book Translated from Another Language. The book applies for that was Nisemonogatari: Fake Tale: Part 01, by NisiOisiN, a 299-page light novel that gave me about 30 HP. It was originally written in Japanese and translated by James Balzer.

I was working on A Book Cover with Striking Typography with Eliza and Her Monsters, by Francesca Zappia. I only got through 168 of 385 pages.

A total of 47 HP came from Nisemonogatari and from Eliza and Her Monsters, and 10 were automatically given. Four HP came from social media posts. In my tweet of my wrap-up post for August, I stated my points for #TheReadingQuest. In a second tweet, I stated that I finished one quest and was starting another. I included a photo with it. One Bookstagram post explained that I had finished Nisemonogatari and was moving on to Eliza and Her Monsters.

Since the photos in both of the Twitter and Bookstagram posts are the same, I count that as one photo of my #TheReadingQuest books and TBR books, so it is 1 HP.

While the challenge didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I loved watching others’ progress with the challenge. I hope the challenge went well for all of you who participated.


3 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest Conclusion

  1. Don’t feel bad about not completing it! I feel like a read-a-thon is more along the lines of getting you to read more than you were originally going to do. I know it helped me. And school work is always more important than something you’re doing on the internet!

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