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Book Traveling Thursdays: National Book Lover’s Day

Happy belated National Book Lover’s Day! (It was yesterday. ) In honor of this book-related holiday, we are to choose a book every book lover should read for this week’s Book Traveling Thursdays.

I am choosing Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Though I think this book would be more loved by fanfiction lovers than book lovers, book lovers should still read it.

Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly meme, hosted by Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much, where you compare the covers of a book that fits the theme. Then you post the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite and your least favorite. You can link up and find the future themes on the Goodreads page.

Since this was announced last week in the Goodreads group, Lauren @ Comma Hangover will be taking over as the host of BTT. Like Catia, I look forward to seeing what she does with the group.

Now, let’s go on to the covers.

Original/U.S/Favorite Cover


I love this cover. It works perfectly for the content of the book. It shows both Cath and Levi as well as Simon and Baz. I like that this American edition (there are others that I choose not to include this week) because Levi is trying to get Cath’s attention instead of alerting the reader to bonus content, as clever as that is for marketing. Unlike a cover that is coming up below, I like that the cover shows Cath creating Simon Snow fanfiction in her head. I also like that the characters are using the title as furniture.

Honorable Mentions

I feel bad about this coming to an end so quickly, so I want to highlight two more amazing covers.

These are the German (left) and Thai (right) covers. The German cover almost won as my favorite cover, which is unexpected, based on my previous BTTs. The artwork is beautiful with the line work, color work, and art style of the poster. I love that it includes one of the poster’s she brought with her to college. It’s also a Cath that I would recognize. I love the Thai cover for maintaining a similar art style to the original cover and for having one of the Simon Snow books sitting next to Cath. On a minor note, I also like that it has a thumb drive sticking out of the laptop.

Least Favorite Cover

Fangirl Serbian Cover

This is the Serbian cover. It does show someone who might be introverted and who might listen to music to block out the world, but I think this better represents Beca Mitchell (played by Anna Kendrick) in Pitch Perfect. The girl also doesn’t look like the Cath that I remember from the book.


That’s it for this BTT. Happy reading!


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    1. You’re welcome. When the publishers reach a point in ten or fifteen years of wanting to re-release the book, they should consider that cute Thai cover.

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