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Six Degrees of Separation from Pride and Prejudice to Soul Music

It’s time for another 6 Degrees of Separation, hosted by Kate @ Booksaremyfavoriteandbest. On the first Saturday of every month, readers and bloggers connect the selected book for the month to six other books, forming a chain. The books don’t all have to be related; each book only has to be related to the books next to it in the chain. You can also follow this meme on Twitter with the hashtag #6Degrees.

6Degrees of Separation Pride and Prejudice to Soul Music

This month the chain starts with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I read this book in ninth grade, and I can only remember the film adaptations at this point. So, I used the Goodreads “Readers Also Enjoyed” list, which brought me to Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson.

I didn’t know Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, the movie, was adapted from a novel until recently. Notably it doesn’t have a movie tie-in cover on the first page of editions on Goodreads. Another movie I didn’t know was based on a novel until recently is Mrs. Doubtfire. The novel is Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine, which focuses on the lives of those in a divorced family.

Madeline of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies also has to deal with exchanging a child back and forth and with interacting more with said ex. Moriarty is an Australian author, as is Graeme Simsion, who wrote The Rosie Project.

Like Simsion’s book, A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin, focuses on paternity, although the Seven Kingdoms don’t have geneticists to help. The world of A Song of Ice and Fire is wonderfully complex, like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. This brings me to the last link in the chain: Soul Music by Terry Pratchett.

From an English classic and books that have been adapted into movies to complex fantasy worlds, we see that Pride and Prejudice is separated six degrees from Soul Music. What does your chain look like? Have you been surprised to find that a movie was adapted from a book?

12 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation from Pride and Prejudice to Soul Music

    1. What a coincidence! Let me know what you think of it. I like the movie adaptation well enough, so I hope the book is good.


    1. You would have to ask the creator, but I imagine you could. She has next month’s book posted now too. I would love to see what you came up with.


  1. I love your chain! It very straightforward with easy to follow logic.
    My most memorable “finding out the movie is based on a book” was Princess Bride. It was my favorite movie since Middle School, but I didn’t find out it was a book until College. And now it is one of my favorite books.
    A section of my chain was based on books with Movie Adaptations too. With The Princess Bride being the middle of that thought process.

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    1. I keep hearing that I should read and watch The Princess Bride. Do you think the movie adaptation does the book justice?


      1. That is tough to answer because I watched the movie so many times before I read the book, so I am biased, but I would say that yes it is. They had to take out some sections of the book to make it all fit into a movie, but overall they did a really good job getting the main story.

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