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Where is the fiction section of the Hogwarts Library?


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t remember the Hogwarts Library having a fiction collection. I know it’s a school library, so there has to be a lot of nonfiction available for student research. But surely there are plenty of students who want to read fiction between study sessions and classes. I don’t even remember there being a fiction section in Flourish & Blotts.

You could say that we do have fiction in Harry Potter. No, we don’t. The Tales of Beedle the Bard are fairy tales, but it turns out that they are true since Harry and Voldy are descendants of the Three Brothers. The stuff Rita Skeeter produced and some of the articles in The Quibbler are like The National Enquirer. Anything Gilderoy Lockhart “wrote” is true, but he stole everything in those books from other wizards. Where is the actual fiction?

For the sake of argument, I checked a Wiki page that lists all of the book titles in the Harry Potter series. At the bottom of the page, the only fictional literature in the Harry Potter series is Ron’s collection of comic books, called The Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle. That seems to be the only Wizarding fiction.

Do you mean to tell me that if you want to read for fun in the Wizarding World, you have to read Wizarding nonfiction or any Muggle literature? Fellow witches, wizards, squibs and creatures, we need Wizarding fiction and you have the story to write inside of you.

Seriously, fiction doesn’t only have to be for free time. It can be used in classes–not just for Transfiguration or Charms. If it existed at all in the Wizarding World, we might have found some connection to historical events or movements in History of Magic. Since there seems to be no English or any other language classes, fictional books could only be used in Muggle Studies.

Suggestion for the Muggle Studies curriculum: Make those Purebloods read Muggle fiction. You can stick to your British classics, like Shakespeare or Austen, if you want. You can also make them read something published within the last ten years and make them do a project on Muggle fiction. If we’re lucky, some might be inspired to write their own fiction and start a new literary movement in the Wizarding World.

Tell me what you think of Wizarding literature. Have you found some mention of fictional books existing in the Wizarding World? Something more than Ron’s favorite comic books? What ideas do you have about improving the Hogwarts curriculum or creating clubs so that they incorporate fiction?

In fact, which Muggle fiction would you like to see in the Hogwarts Library or Flourish & Blotts?


20 thoughts on “Where is the fiction section of the Hogwarts Library?

    1. That’s possible. I would like to see a character who reads fiction, then. It could be Scorpius, or a random new adult or a wizard in another country. Rowling did a good job of exploring other types of writing, namely Lockhart’s books, which are stolen ideas, books that bite, and the Quibbler. I guess I would like to meet that one magical character who loves fiction.


  1. I think that wizards have a bit of a hard time suspending their disbelief. So all the wizard are writers in the muggle world under pen names! Where they make a killing as fantasy writers loosely based on their real life!

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      1. Then have someone like Hermione (but who loves fiction) join the class and say, “I went to a book signing in July, and I found out that she’s Such-and-Such witch.”

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  2. Wow I never even considered those characters reading fiction. Maybe they seriously had no time with all the studying. But you make a good point, why not at least let them read wizard fictional books. Fun discussion, you got me thinking for sure.

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    1. Hermione made time (literally in Year 3) to study, read anything she could get her hands on, and participate in Dumbledore’s Army. Harry made time for Quidditch, obsessing over suspicious people, and avoiding homework with Ron. I think the characters all allocated their time to do things outside of studying, so I wonder what wizarding fiction would be available to someone who wanted to read fiction for fun. Someone else did bring up that it may simply be that we weren’t exposed to a character who liked fiction. Maybe there is plenty out there, but we haven’t seen it yet.


  3. You’re absolutely right! I wonder whether we just don’t see fiction being mentioned because it wouldn’t be exciting to include it? And like Aj said, maybe Harry and Ron aren’t big readers, but still, it seems like there could have been a throwaway line about Hermione being engrossed in a fictional book while Harry and Ron played Wizarding Chess after the exams ended. Fiction could definitely be worked into Muggle Studies if nothing else, as you suggested, or even just a book club to promote inter-house discussion 😉

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    1. I agree that Hermione could have an interest, but nonfiction seems to be her favorite umbrella genre. I like your idea of a Hogwarts book club. We do something similar at my university.


  4. Here’s my theory, they have plenty of magical fiction, but since Harry isn’t really what I’d call a reader we don’t see much of it. I’m betting Hermione read quite a bit of magical fiction during the summer. She reads mostly nonfiction during the school year for her studies.
    I do think that Hogwarts should have a book club, or maybe they do and we just don’t see it because Harry and Ron would never be a part of a book club and Hermione is too busy studying and saving their butts to be a part of it.

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    1. Your theory is the most probable, I suppose. I think Hermione prefers nonfiction anyway, so even her summer reading would be light on the fiction.


  5. I wonder if we don’t hear about the fiction section because maybe Hermione just reads scholarly books. I mean with her logic maybe she doesn’t see the point? Especially while she’s studying. I could see Luna reading fiction though so I’d love to have heard about what she was reading. In any case, I’d want ALL my favorite fiction titles at the Hogwarts Library ♥ We actually have a feature on my Harry Potter Moment of the Week meme where we recommend books to Harry Potter characters and I ALWAYS recommend fiction titles 😀 GREAT topic for discussion!!^^

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    1. I’m going to have to participate to make those recommendations then. I also thought it was likely that Luna would read fiction, but I would like to have some evidence of that.


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