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Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2017

Happy 4th of July (tomorrow)! June has been incredibly busy for me since I started my summer classes. Most of my time is consumed by my classes, so I’ve had little time to read for fun. It’s also impacted my time to be active on social media, so there have been fewer tweets and photos on Bookstagram. Hopefully July will be better!

Let’s look at what’s been going on on this blog.

Book Reviews

Four book reviews down. I also recommended five picture books and five middle grade books by Neil Gaiman.

Currently Reading


I’m reading Paradise Lost by John Milton for school and Girl Code: Gaming, Gone Viral, and Getting It Done by Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser. The first is sort of a retelling of the Fall of Man. The second is a memoir of the two women who created Tampon Run.


I did better this month with keeping up with BTT!

Discussion Post

I posted one discussion about how a movie can affect your opinion of a book. In my case, Star Wars ruined Eragon for me. I am now up to nine posts toward the challenge.

Reading Challenges

eragon-originalNote: These numbers are accurate as of June 30th so that I can try to be as accurate as possible.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 36/60

That’s two more books than last time. This has been a busy month. I’ve been reading, but most of it has been for class.

Pages Read Challenge: 9,009/17,000

Back to the Classics Challenge: 3/6

The number still hasn’t changed, but it might after I finish Paradise Lost.

Banned/Challenged Books Reading Challenge: 5/13

The number also did not change, but I’ve just noticed that I’m currently at Creeping level. I would also like to include Killing Stalking in this, but I have only heard debate about the value of reading it. I don’t think it’s easy to ban when all you need is access to Lezhin Comics’ website and not a library. So the number stays at five until I hear otherwise.

Graphic Novel Reading Challenge: 7/12

I’m a little ahead with this challenge thanks to Shopgirl and Killing Stalking, Season 1. I would like to log these reviews on the website for the challenge, but I’m not sure what is going on with the review linky. For now, my reviews are on this blog.

Hostage by Guy DelisleLibrary Love Challenge: 12/24

I’m working on it now with Hostage.

Picture Book Reading Challenge: 6/20*

There hasn’t been the time to read picture books on top of the work for my classes and the two extra books I have managed to start reading for fun in June.

*In last month’s wrap-up post, I forgot to mark that I have read six picture books, not five.

Interesting Finds

With all of the violence and general strife between the Israelis and Palestinians, I have been excited to recently learn of Hebrew-Arabic bilingual schools that have a general mission of creating peace and understanding. I found it more amazing this month that Liron Lavi Turkenich created Aravrit, a script that combines the bottom half of Hebrew letters and the top half of Arabic letters so that the same words can be understood in either language. I can’t read either language to know if this actually works, but it’s cool if it does! If you can read either (or both) language, please feel free to share if this actually works. The only other thing I’m left wondering about is who helped her with Arabic.

Gemma at Gem’s Curiosity Blog asked if we should compare books and their film adaptations. This is an important question to me because I readily compare adaptations to their originals. I think we should compare adaptations to the original material, but maybe not everyone feels the same. On the subject of adaptations, Kat at Books That Wander wrote about why she prefers to read the book AFTER the adaptation. I’ve been casually working on a post about the movie adaptations that sold me on their original books, so I find Kat’s preference interesting.

Jordyn at Jordz the Bibliophile opened a discussion about age in the YA community. It isn’t just about intended audience. We need to acknowledge the presence of teens in the YA book community, and we need to raise their voices.

MadameAce at Lady Geek Girl and Friends wrote about the lack of culture in the Inheritance Cycle. This is surprising because of how large Alagaësia is and that Paolini devoted so much time to constructing several languages for the various species. As I read further into her post, it is true that there is very little culture, and this could have been remedied by adding religion. This post is three years old, but it’s worth the read if you have read The Inheritance Cycle.

Writing-wise, I found an article that maps the structure of Choose Your Own Adventure novels. It’s fun to look at, but I think it can provide ideas for your own writing. If you’re not into writing your own type of Choose Your Own Adventure and are very into plotting, this might be an example of trying out different paths for your story.

Final Thoughts

First: I’ll be participating in the 4th Annual Harry Potter Month, hosted by Micheline at Lunar Rainbows and Faith at Geeky Zoo Girl, which lasts all through the month of July. Information and rules are listed on the pages I linked to. Basically, all you have to do is post about Harry Potter or participate in the readathon, and those can count as House Points. I’ll be earning points for Ravenclaw.

Last: This blog reached 1,000 likes on Saturday. I want to thank all of you who read and follow my blog through whatever platforms you use. Welcome to all of you have started following my blog this past month. Thank you all for reading, liking, and commenting on my posts. Your support keeps me motivated to keep blogging.

Have a good Summer (or Winter)! Happy reading!


11 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2017

  1. There’s a picture book challenge?! I’d like to give a recommendation for Sam Garton’s I Am Otter. She also has a blog. She’s just soo cute!

    Good luck with your classes!


    1. Yeah, and it has three different options for challenging yourself. I chose the one where you read books that fit certain categories on a given list because I want to read broadly. Links to the challenge are under my Current Challenges page if you want to participate.

      Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll look for it at my library.


    1. It’s good. The blurbs on the back are right about the suspense. I also like the hostage’s thoughts about escape and his captors’ imaginary conversations.


  2. Lots of comments re: Hostage – that’s also what I was going to comment on, haha. I hadn’t heard of it before but the cover is pretty striking. I’ll also have to check out the links on movie adaptations. Congratulations on the likes milestone~

    Liked by 1 person

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