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Book Traveling Thursdays: A Strong Female MC

It’s been over a month since I last participated in a Book Traveling Thursday. I got caught up with writing reviews and discussion posts, but that was freeing for the last month.

Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly meme hosted by Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much. Every week you pick a book based on the theme of the week and post the original cover, your country’s cover, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover. If you would like to participate or find out more, check out the Goodreads page!

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I know that the U.S. was planning on a Day without a Woman to coincide with International Women’s Day, so it’s more eventful this year. I opted for wearing red and feeding ducks at school. The latter has nothing to do with holiday or protest, but it happened. Because of all this activity, this week’s theme is to choose a book with a strong female main character.

I chose Soman Chainani’s The School for Good and Evil, a middle grade novel where children are kidnapped and then sent to schools to become the heroes and villains of fairy tales. The gothic Agatha and the beauty-obsessed Sophie are each other’s best friends. Sophie wants to be taken to the School for Good and Evil where she can be a princess, but Agatha would rather she and her friend stay in their home village. They are kidnapped and sent to the “wrong” schools. Sophie schemes and fights for what she wants, even if she does not fit it. Agatha stands up to the sexism of the school, fights for her and others’ freedom, and tries to save Sophie from self-destruction. Both of these girls are strong female MCs.

Original/US/Favorite Cover

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

This is the original and US cover, which is striking. I love the polished and detailed illustration. The setting, the schools, pieces of the uniform, and the main characters are on the cover. I also like that it shows which schools they will end up at, and the contrast between the outer appearances of the girls and their individual schools follows the conflict of the book. The color pallet is excellent. Every piece works together to make this beautiful cover.

Honorable Mention Cover


There aren’t many covers to choose from for The School for Good and Evil, but I give the Persian cover (above) credit for being the only cover that was not a slight variation of the original. I love the bright colors and that it shows the pen that writes the fairy tales. Both Agatha and Sophie look somber or worried, and they don’t look like they interact with each other. Maybe it’s a cultural difference, but a red castle strikes me as more evil than turquoise castle.

Least Favorite Cover


Removing the girls was the main type of variation from the original cover. This cover is the Portuguese edition. I think it’s necessary to have the main characters on the cover. Without the girls, the cover is less striking.

What books do you recommend that have strong female MCs? What did you do for International Women’s Day?


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