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Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2017

Ash Wednesday conveniently fell on the day I wanted to post a monthly wrap-up. I don’t think it’s enough to post only a reading challenge update, so I will go a little further. I’ve also managed to post regularly, so I hope to continue this through March.

Book Reviews

I plan to publish more book reviews next month, but I read seven and a half books this month plus a bunch of short stories. This has been a surprisingly great reading month.

Currently Reading

  • Snow White and Rose Red by Patricia C. Wrede
  • Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Currently reading Sister Carrie and Snow White and Rose Red

Movie Review

Discussion Posts

The Book Blog Discussion Challenge has helped me publish more on my blog. I’m up to 4 out 11 discussion posts for the year.

Reading Challenges

As always, you can follow my progress on my Current Challenges page. If you are interested in starting any of these challenges, links are on that challenges page.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 20/60 books

Pages Read Challenge: 4,459/17,000 pages

Back to the Classics Challenge: 2/6 categories

puddnhead-wilson-by-mark-twainFor a 19th Century Classic, I read Pudd’nhead Wilson, by Mark Twain, between January and February. I still have yet to write the reviews for this novel and Life in the Iron Mills, by Rebecca Harding Davis, and they will be posted before the year is out. I have had to read a lot of short stories and a novel, otherwise. Unfortunately, they do not apply to any of the categories available to me in this challenge.

Banned/Challenged Books Reading Challenge: 2/13 books

Like other books Twain has written, Pudd’nhead Wilson is a challenged and banned book as I found on the Ivy Tech Bloomington Library Blog. I’ve started Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie which advertises how challenged it was a century ago.

Graphic Novel Reading Challenge: 2/12 graphic novels

I didn’t read any graphic novels in February, but I finally posted one of my graphic novel reviews: I Wish… Vol. 1, Hyun-Joo Seo. I hope I can do better this month.

Library Love Challenge: 5/12 library books

I read only one library book this month, and it was This Is Our Story, by Ashley Elston.

Picture Book Reading Challenge: 4/20 picture books

53. a book by Mo Willems – Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems

A bus driver leaves you in charge of the bus with only one instruction: “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus!” The pigeon comes up with every argument it can to get you to let it drive the bus. It was one of the picture books we read for a legal writing class because it’s great for learning rhetoric.

Other Stuff

First: Thank you to everyone who has commented on, liked, followed, and read my posts this month. I’m glad to have an active audience, and your support encourages me to blog. Thank you!

Second: I am now on Bloglovin’, so feel free to follow me there if you use the app.

14 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2017

    1. It’s been refreshing to write more than book reviews and book tags. I like being able to talk about so much more now, and I think the discussion posts are becoming a favorite part of book blogging now.


  1. I have heard only goodthings about Fantastic Beasts. I am a huge HP fan but have not read FB or CC. The Cursed Child is so expensive and only available in hardcover – I get the impression that JKR and or the publishers are just trying to cash in on more money…


    1. I’ve only borrowed the FB script and CC from the library. I wasn’t able to convince myself to buy either book before and after reading them because they’re too expensive. Have you seen the FB movie yet? I read CC first, and I was disappointed with how it turned out, and some of it was inconsistent with canon.

      I’ve thought the same about JK trying to get more money, but I forgot it could be the publishers pushing it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was surprisingly good. I didn’t expect to be read as much as I did, so I’m feeling pretty proud for it being mid-semester.


    1. Yes! With your studies in children’s lit, it would be a perfect challenge. Last semester I took a children’s lit course that required us to read 100 children’s books. It renewed my love of picture books, so this challenge looked like a great way to maintain the love.


    1. Fantastic Beasts was a good movie, but I wouldn’t place it in the top end of the Harry Potter movies.
      I’ve been concerned about Beauty and the Beast turning out bad since the remake of Cinderella. Your recommendation gives me hope for it. Do you think Beauty and the Beast was better than the animation?
      Happy March!


  2. I loved, loved Fantastic Beasts!! Especially the part when they were inside of the suitcase and all the landscape and creatures–the CGI was amazing. I’m new to your blog, but I love the name and the illustration in the header makes me smile and wish my kitty was still alive. Cats make great reading buddies.


    1. I keep thinking about your comment since you posted it, and it is touching. The illustration in the header is my favorite Wysocki drawing. I’m sorry for the loss of your cat. This was the seventh year without my first cat, and my second would love to type on the computer. This kitty isn’t much of a lap cat, but he likes listening to stories.

      The inside of the suitcase was the best!

      Thank you for visiting.


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