Graphic Novel · Modern Fantasy

I Wish… Vol. 1 by Hyun-Joo Seo

i-wish-vol-1-by-hyun-joo-seoSeries: I Wish… series, #1

Translator: Grace Min

Publisher: TOKYOPOP

Pub. Date: 2000, 2008

Genres: Modern Fantasy, Manhwa

Pages: 224

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

K is a sorcerer who grants wishes in exchange for the most important thing to the wisher. Jin Ryu, whose family just died, wishes for K to bring them back to life, but he refuses. He makes her work for him until she can come up with another wish. They meet a father who does not want his son to date an older woman, a girl who does not want her lover to forget her, and a boy who wants his friend to get well. I Wish…, Vol. 1, by Hyun-Joo Seo is a book about the price of wishing in a lighter way than Rosamund Hodge’s Cruel Beauty.

The cookie-cutter plots resemble other plots that I have seen in anime. The overall plot concerns Jin coming up with another wish while K has to take of her. The stories that follow Jin working under K drive home the fact that people do not know what they really want and that K is kind of a good guy.

K and Jin develop, but K is the most developed character. Jin learns from other wishes and heals a little from the death of her family, but she feels underdeveloped. For being a central character in every chapter, she is flat. We have no history or explanation for why she wanted the plane her family was on to crash. K on the other hand has a history to the family. I want to know more about him. The other characters Jin and K meet grow too, but that is expected when they are only present for one chapter at a time.

The artwork is alright; it is drawn like manga. The only parts of the artwork that caught my eye as different were the way K’s fingers were drawn and the eyes when they are closed. K’s fingers were awkwardly drawn on a couple of pages. When the eyes are closed, showing happiness, the lines are thick like all the girls have huge false eyelashes. The author/artist apologizes for the artwork at the beginning of the book.

The primary theme of the novel is that most people do not know what they value the most. This is shown in every chapter of the graphic novel.

I Wish… Vol. 1 shows the price of wishing and what is most important to an individual. While this point is hammered home, K takes care of Jin while she learns how the world works.


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