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Realizing that the year is coming to an end, I will need to write a conclusion post of some sort. I participated in five year-long challenges for 2016, and they all are coming to an end in two days. Then it hit me that I am not quite sure how to write a conclusion of the challenges beyond stating whether I succeeded or failed the challenge.

Write a Page-Only Update

The greatest benefit to this is the convenience of only having to post once and update the page periodically. This brings the problem of the page not appearing in news feeds or readers.  The page can always be found from the menu because it is “sticky.”

While the page is stickier than a post, the list of pages would grow monstrous, even if the pages were organized in a hierarchy of menus. I plan on blogging for a while longer, so as ridiculous as it may sound, I can see those pages multiplying quickly.

Write a Post-Only Update

I suppose this is a simple solution as well because it would require only two posts (at a minimum) to start and end a challenge. It feels complicated because I would need to update it constantly (once a month) for year-long challenges, and that would force me to write long posts about the same thing frequently.

The primary problem with the post-only update is that the post will be lost to time, and I will forget to link to it in future posts. I do not have a category for challenges because I normally throw them under book tags now.

I think this would be simpler to solve if I were a BookTuber because the most you can do is post videos for every challenge or collection of challenges. But this is a book blog, and I can be flexible. For year-long challenges, I think I would have to update every month—not that that is a bad thing—because everyone would have to sift through too many posts to ever find what is going on with that.

Write a Page and a Post

I think this tries to meet the best of both worlds. It takes care of the problem of having to update constantly or post only once. It balances the problem between writing a lot of long posts and not updating enough.

The only problem I can think of for this is that it can be redundant to have one post that says the challenge is done and a page that shows the same. Then they would have to link to one or the other.

For my own upcoming challenge conclusion, I am thinking about wrapping up the year of challenges with a conclusion post and changing the pages. I am thinking about having a page for challenges I am currently working on and a page that links to previous challenges. If you participate in blogging or reading challenges, how do you handle wrapping up the challenge(s)?


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