Should Price Be Included in Book Reviews?

Since becoming more active on my blog again, I decided to include identifying details of each book in my book reviews. I like to include publisher, publication date, number of pages, etc. While I was trying to decide what information to include in my book reviews, I saw disagreement about including price. I have not seen debates over it, but I see disagreement in practice for scholarly book reviews and informal book reviews. Should price be included in book reviews?

As I thought about what to do for my book reviews, I decided to list the reasons for including the price of the book and reasons for excluding the price.

Reasons to include price in book reviews:

  • Academic Book Review: The style you are using requires price in the citation section.
  • Product Reviews: When learning to write product reviews, it is generally encouraged to include price.
  • The publication it is published in requires it.
  • The book blogger or BookTuber prefers to include it.

Reasons to not include price in book reviews:

  • Sometimes books are borrowed for free (library, friend, Amazon Unlimited, etc.).
  • Used books are sold at much cheaper prices than new books, and those prices can vary even if bought at the same place.
  • Rare and out-of-print books are often worth more than what they were originally sold at.
  • Different stores (online and not) charge different prices for the same book.
  • Editions of books cost different prices. Ebooks, for example, are often cheaper than physical books.
  • The book blogger or BookTuber prefers to not include it.

I omit book prices because I tend to buy books at secondhand stores or at sale prices, and I borrow a lot of books now too.

Do you include the price of the book in your book reviews? Do you think the price should be included? Is there anything that I missed in my lists?


8 thoughts on “Should Price Be Included in Book Reviews?

  1. I don’t include price, and I really don’t think it’s necessary for informal blogs. I mean, not only have I seen different prices for the same book on different websites (e.g. Amazon, B&N, etc.), prices change all the time too. And like you said, there are paperbacks, ebooks, hard covers, all with different prices. And if people live in different countries, the prices will have different currency and might be different. So I just don’t think it would really be helpful to include a price since anyone who’s interested will just go check it out at their preferred retailer/site 🙂

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  2. I’ve never thought about including prices actually! Some of my books are bought in a country with a different currency, while others I get from the library, so the price becomes irrelevant. I don’t think it’s necessary for a blog to include prices unless the blog belongs to a retailer. 🙂 Interesting post!

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  3. I’ve never considered adding prices to my reviews since book prices vary so much from retailer to retailer and at different times. And, it seems like the “standard” price for most books is pretty similar when it comes to traditionally published books. I could see this being helpful for self-pubbed books, though.


  4. You know I don’t typically include price, I guess mostly because I’d have trouble picking which listed price to show. That and some of my books come from book subscriptions or book swaps, so it feels a little inaccurate to me to include a price I didn’t actually pay (basically the points you covered in the post!). Interesting thoughts on the other side to consider though.

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  5. I also don’t include the price. At least not in my reviews. I don’t see the point. Prices are not fixed and they change from website to website, or from month to month. I do, however, include it when I do a book haul, especially if I bought the books from bookoutlet. If one of my favorite books is free on Amazon (kindle) or there is a sale for it, then I’ll write a new post and mention this information.

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    1. I like the idea of sharing sale prices, like the free ebook, but I haven’t thought to mention that except when I gave it a chance because it was free.


  6. I don’t include price for most reviews. However, since I do audiobook reviews, I will often include price information if it is available via a Whispersync deal. I was uncertain about doing this, since digital book prices tend to fluctuate; so, in the end, I slapped on a “prices subject to change” warning as well.

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