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I wondered what a fanfiction tag would be like. This tag was created by booktubers Jen Campbell and Rowan Ellis. For once, I can claim that I was tagged in a book tag since she tagged everyone.

1. Do you read or write fanfiction and why?

This question is a little pointless. You cannot answer the rest of the questions if you answer “no” to both reading and writing fanfiction.

I read fanfiction. Fanfiction keeps me in the universe of the book, movie or TV series. It builds community. It allows me to explore more of what could happen not only in that universe but also in fiction altogether. Fanfiction allows me to witness imagination. Since most writers write it in serial release, I feel like I am living in the Victorian era, waiting for the next chapter of a Dickens novel.

I have tried writing fanfiction, but I have yet to finish one. I think I write more and better when I start from scratch.

2. How and when did you discover fanfiction? How old were you?

I found Harry Potter fanfiction nine years ago while surfing MuggleNet for what happened to my beloved Harry Potter characters after the Battle of Hogwarts. I read a couple of them, and I loved one that was abandoned. I did not touch it again until 2011. But I did not have a name for fanfiction. When I had a name for it, a friend directed me to FanFiction.Net. I followed fanfics for a few months without any accounts to help me keep track of it. Then I created an account, and I was addicted.

3. How has fandom and fiction evolved since you found it?

In the Harry Potter fandom, the biggest change is the overall disappearance of naming which book the story spins off of. Everyone used to say that these are the events that take place after OotP (Order of the Phoenix) or since the publication of whichever book in the series.

As for fanfiction changes, I am unsure that I noticed real transitions or changes to fanfiction. I mostly encountered platforms for fanfiction that I had never seen before. Perhaps two changes I have seen have to do with flames and Creative Commons. I see fewer authors complain about flames, yet that could come from the quality of writing I seek now versus when I began.

When I tried other fanfiction platforms, I was introduced to the idea of the Creative Commons license. Wattpad, for example, wants you to mark the copyright license you are using. Fanfiction uses the work of someone else as a platform, so it already is not the fanfic author’s. Another fanfic author should not steal your work, but the universe in which it is set is not yours. I do not fully understand the Creative Commons, but I have seen it only in the last few years.

4. Do you still engage with it in the way you used to?

There are a few ways I can answer this. One is how I interact within the fanfiction community. Another is how I engage with fanfiction through media.

In the fanfiction community, I do not comment as often anymore. I used to comment on most chapter updates. I moved away from this around the time I left the Vampire Academy fandom. Since I can only binge read fanfiction about three or four times per year, I do not feel comfortable commenting on every chapter.

Most fanfiction I read is informal and published only on the Internet. (I have read fanfiction in print and ebook forms, such as Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James, and The Collectors’ Society, by Heather Lyons.) I mostly read off a computer on FanFiction.Net, but I sometimes use Wattpad and Archive of Our Own. When I read fanfics on Wattpad, I tend to use the Wattpad app because it is simpler and easier. I used to use Movellas, but it was too hard to find the fanfics I wanted to read, both on the site and in the app. When you think you have run out of stories in your fandom, try another platform.

5. Which fandoms do you enjoy reading/writing? (Harry Potter etc)

I always come back to Harry Potter fanfiction. It is always there for me when I need it. I can drop reading fanfiction for months or develop an interest in another fandom, but I always return to Harry Potter. Unlike some other fandoms, it has not come anywhere near running out of stories for me to read.

Other fandoms I am following now are Danny Phantom, The Mortal Instruments, and Coraline. In most of the fandoms I have followed, it is hard to find new fanfics after the series or hype has ended.

6. Who are your OTPs? (One True Pairings)

Drarry (Draco and Harry).

7. Have you told anyone that you write fanfiction?

Going by the original tag, this is supposed to be someone who is not in the fanfiction community. My mother knows I have tried to write fanfiction.

8. What does fanfiction mean to you?

Fanfiction opened my eyes. I was able to explore diversity, social issues, political structures, magical creatures, and levels of grief. Sometimes fanfiction was better than the print books I was reading. It helped me realize what genres I like to read. More importantly, I find it is a good creative writing coach. And it’s fun.

9. Do you prefer canon-based fanfiction or AU? (so fanfiction that slots seamlessly into the original story or ‘alternate universe’ fanfiction where the world is slightly different)

I used to prefer canon-based fanfiction, but then that grew boring. I kept getting stuck in fanfics that took the perspective of one of the characters throughout the story (such as Midnight Sun), the events that took place after the end of the book or series, or the events that led up to the the series.

All I mostly ask for anymore is for names, places, and spells to be spelled correctly. I love AU, but I get a little annoyed now when an author writes that it is alternate universe in their fanfic’s description.

10. Tell us about a fanfiction you’ve either read or written.

When I was searching for Drarry fanfics of the Veela variety, I found Black Truth, by InferiorBeing. Draco is a Veriae. Like Veelas, Veriae have wings and (soul)mates. If the mate accepts their Veriae, they mate for life. If the mate rejects their Veriae, the Veriae will likely himself within a day. Basically, the Veriae better hope that their mate is not cold-hearted.

Draco’s mate is Harry Potter. I love that it was discovered when Harry found one of Draco’s feathers. The feathers can be sharp as knives or soft and downy. For the mate, the feathers are always soft and downy so as not to hurt him. On top of this, Harry and Draco have to deal with the looming presence of Voldemort who would do almost anything to kill Harry Potter.

I also tag everyone to do this.

This was a fun book tag, and I am working to update more often. Have a good Memorial weekend!

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