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Challenges for 2016

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As part of a New Year’s resolution to read more and get more involved in my blog, I found a few challenges I would like to participate in for 2016.

Banned Books Challenge 2016

Banned Books Challenge 2016
Badge grabbed from Buckling Bookshelves

Hosted by Christine @ Buckling Bookshelves, the Banned Books Challenge requires you to read however many banned/challenged books you want to read. They can be of any length or format.

My goal is to reach the Trouble-Maker level (3-5 books), but I would be satisfied to go above that level.

Around the World 2016

Around the World
Badge grabbed from All About Books

All About Books is hosting this challenge. The goal is “to visit as many different places in the world through books, especially places that are rather rare, and not the kind of settings you see in 95% of all the books you read.”

I’m excited to see where all of the books I have read and am going to read are. My only issue is that fantasy books that take place in other worlds won’t appear on the map. So, I will have to think of another way to include where they take place.

I’m also going to take on some of the Mini-Challenges, so I will list the mini-challenges I will try to complete.

  • One book for each continent: 7
  • One book for each state in the U.S.: 50
  • One book for each ocean: 7
  • Books set in capital cities: 6
  • Books set in at least 5 places: 4
  • Books set in 2 places from different continents: 4
  • A to Z challenge: 26
  • Visit (through books) a certain number of countries: 25 “real” countries, 5 fantasy countries (I would love to visit all of the countries, but I don’t see how this would be feasible. Does visiting countries that no longer exist count? I will have to think about that.)
  • Authors from different countries: 5

Books in Translation Reading Challenge 2016

Books in Translation Challenge
Badge grabbed from The Introverted Reader

Hosted by The Introverted Reader, the Books in Translation Challenge should lead to the same result as the Around the World Challenge: gaining perspective. I have been getting more excited about various translations of books I find. I can’t wait to read them.

My goal for the year is to reach the Bilingual Level (mind you, I am not bilingual), which requires seven to nine books.

2016 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

2016 Discussion Challenge
Badge grabbed from Feed Your Fiction

The Book Discussion Challenge, hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight, encourages us not only to read more but also to talk more about books or blogging. I’m shooting for the Creative Conversationalist level (13-24 posts).

To find the current information about this through Twitter, look up #LetsDiscuss2016.

Those are the year-long challenges I’m participating in this year. What challenges are you participating in this year? Are you participating in any of the above? Let me know in the comments!

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