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Flight of the Christmas Witch by Morgan Kostival

Flight of the Christmas Witch by Morgan KostivalSynopsis from Goodreads:

FLIGHT OF THE CHRISTMAS WITCH is based on the Italian folktale of La Befana and is presented here as a charming holiday poem.

This future classic tells Befana’s story in the style of Clement Clarke Moore’s holiday classic, TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

In this version, Befana provides shelter, and a delicious meal, for three travelers when they stop at her home for the night. Afterwards they ask her to join them as they resume their journey to the small town of Bethlehem. Where they expect to find a newborn babe.

She declines their invitation and later regrets her dissection. Then through a series of magical events she sets off on an adventurous journey of her own to find, and bring presents to, the small child.

Astride her old broomstick the Christmas Witch meets, and befriends, a curious white door mouse. Together they fly off into a winter storm where they encounter a snow dragon, and then are introduced to Mother Nature. Father Christmas also makes a special appearance.

The whole journey is captured through the imaginative eyes of author/photographer Morgan Kostival and his dazzling photo illustrations that accompany this tale.


La Befana is an old witch, in Italian culture, who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve. In this poem, Befana refused to go see Baby Jesus, but she regretted her decision and tries to find him.

This is a cute little poem. I sought out an ebook about Befana since I’ve been looking into Epiphany traditions. La Befana came up in the search, so I wanted to find a cute story that I might be able to share with my nieces.

I found it a little odd that this seemingly benevolent elf sent her into the cave of a dragon.

The photographs were also interesting. Definitely good for this story. I would have preferred illustrations, but to each his own.

This was a cute, quick read (finished in a couple of minutes). I would recommend this as a one time read.

Genres: Poetry, Children’s Story

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


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