“’After my name day feast, I’m going to raise a host and kill your brother myself. That’s what I’ll give you, Lady Sansa. Your brother’s head.’
A kind of madness took over her then, and she heard herself say, ‘Maybe my brother will give me your head.’”

~ George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Updates to the Blog

I have been neglecting to post very often. I’m sorry about that, so I will try to set up a schedule.

Here are some updates to weekly posts:

  • The categories have been changed and updated. What you see on the side is what I currently have for my categories.
  • I know I haven’t written a Review/Discussion in months. I promise to post something this weekend.
  • Word of the Week (WotW) is being brought back and will be maintained weekly. My goal is to post it every Wednesday. If I fail to post on Wednesday, it will be up by Thursday.
  • I’m featuring a new weekly post. It’s important to improve our memories, so I’m memorizing a poem every Monday. We will begin referring to this as the Poem of the Week (PotW). If it’s short (e.g. haiku), I may work on memorizing two for that week. You may choose to memorize them as well. In the PotW I will present my thoughts and/or analysis of the poem. If you have any suggestions for poems, you may suggest them in the comments section of each PotW post.

I have some ideas for posts, so I want you to vote on these polls:

Alright, you have two weeks from today to answer these polls and to comment on this. I will post another update to let you know what won out. Thank you to those who have continued to follow my blog, even though I haven’t posting often.