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An engaging recent New Yorker article* describes the constructed language Ithkuil, which aims to be “maximally precise” by “eliminating the ambiguity, vagueness, illogic, redundancy, polysemy (multiple meanings) and overall arbitrariness that [are] seemingly ubiquitous in natural human language.” Our first response was that the creator of this constructed language had…

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WotW: Susurrus

[soo–sur–uhs] n. a soft murmuring or rustling sound; whisper. v. to make a soft rustling sound; whisper; murmur. Example Sentences “A susurrus of dismay rustled through the ranks of the Aboriginal leaders gathered there.” ~ Annabel Crabb; Gracious Rudd Turns Grubby; The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); Oct 31, 2009. “A susurrus of falling water from… Continue reading WotW: Susurrus