Next Trend in Literature

As you all know, the trend in literature has been vampires for a couple of years now, along with a little wizardry and werewolves. I can think of at least three trends that I can see coming and already starting to come through: werewolves/shapeshifters, angels/Nephilim, and uptopian/distopian societies. I want your opinion, what do you think the next trend in literature will be? If you don’t think it’s any of these three, please leave the trend you think is coming or starting in the comments.


One thought on “Next Trend in Literature

  1. I voted that “mine is not listed” because I believe that just about anything supernatural is seeing a good amount of sales. Basically, all of the above except utopia/dystopia. Although, I’m hoping for more adventerous and futuristic science fictions. 🙂


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