Modern Fantasy · Review · Young Adult

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick is the third novel in the Hush, Hush saga.

Now, the prologue shows an encounter between Patch and Hank Millar, Nora’s Nephil father (shudder). Patch is trying to get Nora out of his clutches. After some death threats are exchanged, Patch lets Hank rip out his wings. They needed to be ripped out anyway (he fell in love again and went rogue), but it has never been done by Nephilim before. Hank agrees.

Nora comes to consciousness in a cemetery with no idea how she got there. All she can remember is that it’s April. She runs away for a little while and finally lets a police officer catch her. She finds out that it’s actually September and that she went missing during the Summer Solstice party. Unfortunately, she can’t remember anything from the last five months. She does try to go back to a normal life, but her classmates aren’t really helping. It seems that only Vee is proving to be a true friend, like always.

It turns out that her mom started dating while she was missing. (So her love life was more important that finding Nora? Great.) Her mother is dating Hank Millar, Marcie Millar’s (her arch nemesis) father. Nora doesn’t realize this, but he’s her evil, biological father and the Black Hand. At least she doesn’t feel safe around him. She has to go on the date with them. Nora had been planning on making the date hell for them, but it doesn’t work out that way. The date takes an unexpected turn when Marcie and her mother enter the restaurant. Marcie makes a scene with her father. Then she tells Nora that they need to make a small alliance to get their parents separated. Nora wants to do that, but she doesn’t know what Marcie is talking about with some necklace that Nora supposedly has. Nora does not have it, by the way.

Nora sneaks away from the date and walks over to a nearby 7/11. She gets there to find some thugs beating up this guy. The one named Gabe gives her the chance to leave. She lies about having her car keys. It doesn’t take Gabe long to realize that she was lying about the car keys and gives her ten seconds to run. She does run and tries to get a driver’s attention, but Gabe uses a mind-trick to make the guy leave. Gabe is a fallen angel, but Nora doesn’t realize it. She forgot that they even exist. Gabe also uses a mind-trick to make her think he turned into a bear and turned back into a man. He takes her back to the 7/11 where she is seeing the guy get beat up. Something comes back to her about Nephilim (she’s not quite sure what they are yet), but she does realize that the beat up guy is one. Jev comes by and sees what’s going on. If you remember from Crescendo, Jev is Patch’s real name. Nora tries to get him to help, but he brushes her off. It’s not until the cops start showing up that Jev leaps into action. He rescues Nora and tries to get her to go back to her real life. She makes it home in one piece and even fools her mom into believing that Nora was home the whole time.

Over time, Nora sees Jev in her dreams. He forces her out and erases her memory of the dream. She also has one of his feathers. Nora also runs into an old friend, Scott (a.k.a. Scottie the Potty and Scottie the Hottie). He tells her about the Nephilim and the fallen angels. He even tells her about Hank. They plan on raiding one of the Nephilim safe houses. They break into one of the decoys. Scott escapes, but Nora is caught by Jev. She’s not entirely sure whether he’s Nephil or fallen angel yet, but she’s leaning toward fallen angel. He tells her more and admits to them dating. In fact, he still loves her. She then tells him about Hank getting close to her mom, which is a violation of Jev’s contract with him. Jev and Scott start meeting her secretly.

Hank becomes more and more suspicious. He gets Nora put in the hospital, but the car accident was his fabrication. He used the accident to transfuse his blood into her so that he has the perfect opportunity to make her do the Change Over Ceremony. The main reason the transfusion was successful is because that he used devilcraft, which is essentially magic that belongs only in hell. Hank also uses mind-tricks on her to let him take her home and watch over her. Jev comes to her but has to leave quickly so that Hank doesn’t catch him.

Hank eventually captures her. He threatens the lives of Nora, her mother, and Vee. Nora finally agrees to swear the oath required for the Change Over Ceremony, the ceremony that will make her a full-blooded Nephil. Hank lets her go with the promise that he will leave her alone. He also made her agree to lead his army if he dies. Marcie ran away from him after he tried making her give him Jev’s necklace that make’s angels tell the truth. She refused after she saw the archangel that was caged and stripped of her wings (the Nephilim sawed them off, she’s not actually a fallen angel). Marcie is also Nora’s half-sister.

Nora finds Jev. They tell each other everything. Jev even lets her touch his wing scars. He made a deal with the archangels that Hank would lose his immortality for one night so that he could be killed and the knowledge of devilcraft would die with him. Nora also learned that feather she found is Jev’s feather, the feather that, if burned, will chain him in hell. Jev had captured Hank. Nora had decided to let him live until he started burning Jev’s feather. She quickly shot him and the feather was not burned. Her and Jev get to live happily and be in love. Unfortunately, she now has to become the Black Hand, or else Nora and her mother will be killed. The book leaves off with her about to make the decision of whether she will become the Black Hand.

Hank is pure evil. He is the one who erased her memory. Scott isn’t so bad anymore. I know Jev is trying to protect her, but some of the ways he tries makes him seem like a jerk. One example being that he asks Hank to erase himself from Nora’s memory. Her mother is overprotective and is certainly not my favorite character. I liked the book. It’s different to have the main character lose all of her memory. It does kind of annoy me how ignorant she is of what’s going on, because we know so much more than she does about what’s going on that it’s almost annoying.

It’s written in the same style as last time. Read this if you like amnesia stories and stories with fallen angels. Some of her revelations make you think “duh.” Again: this is not Christian fiction.

Genres: Mythology, Fantasy, Legend, Romance, Young Adult

Stars (out of 5): ****

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