I do like writing. I also know that I should ask people to read my writing. After reading this, I will think about rejoining a writers’ group I was in.

Peter Monaco

If you want your written word to appeal to others, you need one thing.


But not just any readers.

You need a writing group.

If you’re unfamiliar, a writing group is friends or relatives, willing or locked in your basement, who critique your work on a regular basis. They will also hold you accountable for completing new work for them to appraise.

One of the hardest parts of writing for me and I think most people, is establishing a level of consistency.

It’s like working out. You need to do it enough that you establish a solid foundation. It’s why for so many people P90X turns into P12X.

And that’s what a writing group is perfect for. Imagine you knew Tony Horton was going to rip the covers off your bed and do squats on your chest until you went and worked out with him. I almost guarantee…

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