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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Crescendo was written by Becca Fitzpatrick. It is the second novel in the Hush, Hush series.

Nora Grey is sort of dating her guardian angel, Patch. Everything is going well until Nora tells him that she loves him. He suddenly drove away without replying with the same statement. It turns out that the archangels didn’t want him falling in love with Nora, which he was. As a note: the reason he fell in the first place was because he lusted after a human girl. The archangels promptly reassigned him to Nora’s archnemesis, Marcie Millar. Nora doesn’t know this for a while. When she sees Patch hanging around Marcie, she gets really jealous and upset. The next thing she does is break up with him. After the breakup she has some dates with Scott, a boy she knew when she was five.

She knows Scott is dangerous and picks up right away that he is a Nephil[im]. She does go out with him a few times, but she doesn’t feel anything romantically for him. Every time, she gets involved in some kind of trouble, usually the dangerous kind. Patch is there to stop most of it. What I don’t understand is since she knows Scott is dangerous and she absolutely doesn’t want to around him, why does she keep spending so much time with him?

Nora is still hurt about what happened between her and Patch. She goes so far as to spy on Marcie to find out what was going on. Patch kept trying to tell her that he wanted her back, romantically and to be her guardian angel. Nora wants him too, but she’s never really able to voice this. I dislike how much Marcie keeps rubbing it in her face that she is with Patch quite often.

We see more of Vee, Nora’s best friend, and Rixon, a fallen angel and Patch’s best friend. Vee is an annoying person in this one. For being so diet crazy, she has a major weakness for unhealthy food. It bothers me greatly that a fallen angel is dating a human. I come back to the rule-of-thumb: fallen angels are evil. He’s also being too nice. I also worry about Vee’s purity, because I don’t want her having any sexual relations with an evil creature not conceiving a Nephil who would be susceptible to becoming a vassal.

It bothers me how jealous Nora gets, but it’s understandable. Another piece of her character is that when she is so jealous, she does some crazy stuff. Also, is her dad alive? He keeps following her. The biggest problem I have with that is that his physical manifestations are always harmful to Nora. At the end of the book, it turns out that it Rixon creating the physical manifestations in attempts to scare her and sacrifice her. (I’ll get to this in a minute.) Her father did speak to her in the moments that Rixon took her into the tunnels so that she could learn the truth.

Rixon has been trying to sacrifice Nora for a while. He knows he won’t turn around and become a good guy so that he can get his wings back, so becoming human is the next best option (in his mind). He has been hiding this from Patch. He even started hunting down Nora before Patch knew about her. When Nora touches one of his scars, she is horrified at what she finds. Rixon killed her dad. She also finds out that her dad is not her biological father. Her biological father is Mr. Millar, Marcie’s dad, which makes her Marcie’s half-sister. I’m confused as to why he was trying to protect Nora and not Marcie when it comes to the Nephilim business. Rixon has essentially lied to Nora about everything before she learned the truth about everything except wanting to sacrifice her. Here’s why he wants to sacrifice her: Mr. Millar is Rixon’s vassal.

She gets into action and runs for her life. She runs into the psychopath, Scott, who had almost killed her. Nora apologizes and learns more about him. She gets him to trust her just in time for Rixon to almost sacrifice her. He knocks Scott out of the way and shoots Nora. Luckily, the bullet hit her arm. The police come and get her out of there. Meanwhile, Patch was busy going rogue and banishing Rixon to hell.

Nora gets out of the hospital. She prepares to confront her mother about her affairs. She also kisses and makes up with Patch. He went rogue so that he could help Nora. Unfortunately for them, this means that the archangels will hunt him down and banish him to hell. They go to his place to possibly have sex. His place is at the amusement park. His real name is actually Jev. He makes out with Nora and confesses to her that he does love her. Next thing we know, the blood society of Nephilim are there and attack Patch. Guess who’s leading them? Her biological father, Mr. Millar. Way to leave everyone at a cliff-hanger.

I dislike Nora even more now. I think Patch still has some evil lurking in there, but the good is clearly winning out. I don’t like that the archangels are made out to be bad guys in this book. The biggest improvement is making the fallen angels stay in their evil ways. One question I have: why is it that the male Nephilim are immortal to the point of not being able to die, but females are immortal but are highly susceptible to dying?

It’s written in the same style as last time. Read it if you’re okay with some weird twists with fallen angels. There are some mind-numbing parts though. I miss having some of the moments get so intense that I have to set the book down for a minute to relax. Again: this is not Christian fiction.

Genres: Mythology, Fantasy, Legend, Romance, Young Adult

Stars (out of 5): ***

One thought on “Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

  1. What I don’t get is, why doesn’t Rixon try and sacrifice Marcie? If they’re both daughters of Hank Millar then why not make it easier for himself and choose Marcie? Or is he trying to get back at Patch too. Unless Marcie is not Hanks daughter, which might explain why he has not tried to hide her like he’s hidden Nora. I’m just about to read Silence so hopefully all will be revealed.


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