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WotW: Cloister



  1. a covered walk, especially in a religious institution, having an open arcade or colonnade usually opening into a courtyard.
  2. a courtyard, especially in a religious institution, bordered with such walks.
  3. a place of religious seclusion, as a monastery or convent.
  4. any quiet, secluded place.
  5. life in a monastery or convent.


  1. to confine in or as if in a monastery or convent.
  2. to confine in retirement; seclude.
  3. to furnish with a cloister or covered walk.
  4. to convert into a monastery or convent.

Example Sentences:

  1. Twenty-eight stalls selling sweet regional delights fill this bazaar, housed in the corridors of an old cloister.
  2. They cloister themselves, and encourage their husbands and brothers to join the movement.

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